Canvas Supplies

Canvas Stretching - REcommended Gear


There are many types of canvas  that you can buy by the yard or you can purchase a roll. We  like the Medium-Weight Cotton Canvas. 


Linen fabric is quite a bit more than the cotton canvas but is also very good for oil painting..  We love this unprimed linen fabric.  

Stretcher Bars

There are many kinds of stretcher bars but we like these medium weight stretcher bars that are kiln dried and made by pine. 


You need to have a good pair of scissors for cutting the fabric.  We recommend this pair as it can cut some heavy duty fabric.  

click here to view

Tailors Chalk

Tailors chalk can be a great addition for your stretching needs as it comes off easily.  Find out more about the tailors chalk by clicking below. 

Staple Gun & Staples

To properly stretch your canvas you will need a good staple gun and staples.  We like the Stanley heavy staples you can click below to see

Canvas Pliers

Canvas pliers can help you to properly stretch the canvas. We love these premier pliers who their rubber handle.  Click on the link below to view the canvas pliers 

Stainless Steel Rulers

A stainless steel ruler will help you to measure where you need to cut the fabric.  We recommend getting at least a 24′ size.  You can click below to view our recommended rulers.  

Canvas Boards

If you prefer you can use canvas boards instead of canvas for yout painting.  You can find a variety of the boards in a variety of sizes by clicking on the link below. 

All Kind of Fabrics

If you are looking for another kind of fabric or you want to experiment with another kind of fabric, you can find the full selection of fabrics by clicking on the link below.

All Kinds of Stretchers

There are many kinds of wood stretchers in a full range of woods and sizes.  If you need a custom size they can also cut it for you.  You can find out more by clicking below.  .

All Kinds of Tools

There are many kinds of canvas stretching tools. To view the full range of the canvas stretching tools you can view the entire collection by clicking below.  .


We recommend this gesso as it is easy to put on and can be used for most kinds of painting   If you are painting a lot you may need a  large size. . 

Sand Paper

Once the gesso has been put on the canas you will need to have some sandpaper.  This package of sandpaper is very good as it has a lot a few fine papers.  

Small Hammer

A small hammer is always useful as it will allow you to make sure the staples are completely hammered it and will not come out.  See what hammer we like by clicking below.