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6 Notable Ancient Greek Artists 

These 6 Ancient Greek artists etched narratives, myths, and ideals into these mediums, creating timeless pieces that have continued to inspire for centuries. In their studios filled with dust and dreams, these artists formed the backbone of Greek artistic expression, playing a pivotal role in shaping Western aesthetics.

Read on as we will introduce you to some of the most celebrated artists of Ancient Greece, such as Pheidias, Skopas, Praxiteles, Lysippos, Exekias, and Euphronios, drawing upon ancient texts and inscriptions that have preserved their names and achievements over millennia.

Pheidias  (circa 480-430 BC)

Skopas  (circa 395-350 BC)

Praxiteles  (circa 395-330 BC)

Lysippos  (circa 390-305 BC)

Exekias  (circa 545-530 BC)

Euphronios (circa 520-470 BC)