How To Series 

Essential Materials for Beginning Oil Painting

Engaging in oil painting is a magnificent artistic pursuit, yet like any fresh creative endeavor, it requires a set of essential supplies

Oil Paints 

A basic set of colors that you will need for oil paints include:  Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, Titanium White and Ivory Black 


Get a variety of shapes (flat, round, filbert) and sizes. Brushes for oil painting are usually made from hog bristle or synthetic fibers.


A palette is  flat surface for mixing your paints. This can be made of wood, glass, or acrylic.  We usually get plastic and then put aluminum foil over it, allowing easy cleanup.

Palette Knife

Use a Palette Knite for mixing paint colors.  


The canvas is your painting surface. You can buy pre-stretched and pre-primed canvas or stretch and prime your own.  We have done it both ways, and both ways work fine . 


The mediums alter the texture and drying time of your paint. For beginners, a simple medium to start with is linseed oil

Cleaning Supplies

Get paint thinner for cleaning brushes and rags or paper towels for wiping excess paint off brushes.  We will cut up some old clothes and then use those as rags.  When we are done with them, I usually toss them out.

Equipping yourself with these fundamental supplies will assist you in embarking on your inaugural oil painting on canvas.