Why Is Oil Painting The Most Important And Popular Form Of Fine Art?

Abstract oil painting in indigo and white

Oil paints are my art medium of choice. I love many of the qualities that oil paints offer an artist – even a beginning artist.

Oil paints are an important and popular art medium because they are the classic paints that art masters have used for centuries. Oil paints offer a lot of flexibility in how they can be applied to the canvas or artwork. They also offer a depth of color. Oil paints dry slow, but this also gives you the ability to cover up any mistakes.

I feel like oil paints are a great art medium choice for any artist – experienced and inexperienced artists. Here are some of the reasons why I love oil paints.

Oil Paints Are A Classic Kind Of Paints

Oil paints are considered to be the classic kind of paints used in artistic paintings. Almost all the old masters used oil paints; this means they have withstood the test of time.

In fact, oil paints go back to the 7th century when some unknown artist used oils extracted from walnuts and poppies to mix paints to decorate the walls of an ancient cafe in Afghanistan. This is the first known use of mixing paint with oils to produce oil paints.

In Europe, oil painting started as a painting medium as early as the 11th century. The use of oil paints with an artist’s also using an easel and oil paints goes back to the 15th century.

Oil painting is one of the oldest types of paint used for decorative purposes. For centuries artists use oil paints. As artists started to use oil paints, they also refined the technique, paints, and application.

Oil paints have a long history of artists who have used the same art medium. For many artists, this appeals to them and is why they choose to paint with oil paints.

Because the masters have been using oil paints for centuries, this fact alone makes it one of the most important and popular forms of paint mediums. Many artists considered it to be the most authentic type of paint to use.

Oil Paints Offer Flexibility in Application

An advantage of oil paints is that they can be applied in various ways, offering flexibility in their application. Oil paints can be applied as a thin glaze diluted with turpentine to be applied as a thick paint.

Oil paints also allow you to mix paint colors by applying them directly to the canvas. When I am painting, I do not mix colors on the palette but instead mix the colors directly onto the canvas. Oil paint gives the flexibility to be able to do that.

You can use a variety of ways to apply the oil paints onto the canvas. You can use a brush, palette knife, cloth, toothpick, and sometimes I will even use my finger to rub the paint onto a canvas.

Oil Paints Allows You To Paint On Many Surfaces

One of the great things about oil paint is that you are not limited to just painting on a canvas. Because of the nature of oil paints, you can use many different kinds of surfaces to paint with your oil paints.

In fact, some artists for used boards, rubber, paper, wood, and even old bed linens. More than any other paint, oil paints gave you the flexibility to paint on a variety of kinds and types of surfaces.

Oil Paints Offers Depth of Color

Oil paints give you a richness of color that other paint will not; they allow you to have a wide range of color tones, transitions, and a variety of color shades. You only need to look at some of the work of the old masters to see the stunning effects they were able to get with oil paints with light and color.

One of the great advantages of oil paints is that the colors do not change noticeably after drying. This is a great attribute as they also give you both opaque and transparent color effects and a matt and gloss finish. This flexibility and adaptability with the color of the oil paint and the depth of the color make them important and popular paints to use.

Oil Paints Dry Slow So You Can Work Longer

Oil paints are slow-drying paints. I really like the fact they are slow drying; I prefer to work with paint that dries slowly to work on many pieces at once.

The slow dry paints also has some other advantages; sometimes if I am painting something that is not quite right it allows me to scrape the paint off to start over.

Oil Paints Allow You To Cover MIstakes

Oil paints allow you to cover up any mistakes you may have made in your painting. If I make a mistake, I find that oil paints are easier to correct that mistake than some other paints.

I appreciate the fact that oil paints allow you to correct or paint over your mistakes. For many people who are starting to paint, it is good to know that the entire painting is not lost if you make a mistake.; with oil paints, you can paint over any of your mistakes.

Oil painting will continue to be a popular and important paint medium. It will continue to withstand the test of time. It is an excellent paint choice for any artist.

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