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Picking Flower, By Anita Louise Hummel, An Original Dog Oil Painting

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One of my favorite things to paint is all kinds of dogs. When I paint a dog, I try to imagine his personality and what the dog is like.

Picking Flowers by Anita Louise Hummel is an original oil painting. The dog is black and white, so I painted a bright yellow background to compliment the dog’s natural black and white coloring. The pink flower hanging from his mouth symbolizes a flower that he mischievously picked in the garden that he should not have.

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Read on further to discover what inspired me to paint the Picking Flowers oil painting and learn some of the painting’s details and techniques. Prints of the painting are available at Fine Art America, or you can contact me if you want to purchase the original. As with all my art, my goal is to paint #ArtThatMakesYouSmile.

black and white dog with flower in mouth
Picking Flowers, By Anita Louise Hummel

The Inspiration – Picking Flowers By Anita Louise Hummel

I was sitting at the Apple Store at the Mayfair Mall In Milwaukee. Wisconsin waiting at the Genius Bar for my appointment. A woman and her daughter came into the Apple Store with this dog and sat across from me. I took one look at the dog, fell in love with his look, and asked if I could take a photo and paint him.

For a long time, the photograph of this dog sat in my photographs under “dogs to consider painting.” I was not sure what or how I should paint the dog but knew I wanted to.

The more I looked at this dog’s photograph, the more I saw those sheepish eyes that looked like somehow he could get himself in trouble. The dog had a perfect mouth to have a flower casually hanging out of it as if he just picked some flowers in the garden he should not have.

I love flowers and love to put them in my paintings. Flowers are the essence of life and make our lives beautiful and rich. As Han Christian Andersen rightfully said:

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Hans Christian Andersen

Our furry friend understood that the best of life was sunshine, running around with freedom, and having a flower brighten up our day.

About The Painting – Picking Flowers By Anita Louise Hummel

The Picking Flowers oil painting is bright and cheerful colors. I love for a painting to be cheerful or for the art to be #ArtThatMakesYouSmile. I am a great believer that art and happiness should go hand-in-hand and that art should show the world about happiness. Like many of my other oil paintings, this painting does not use any gold or silver leafing.

Here are a few points about the Picking Flowers Oil Painting:

  • Black and White– I really love the black and white of this dog; those are two of my favorite color combinations for painting any dog.
  • Yellow – I painted the background yellow as I felt like it worked well against the black-and-white color of the dog. One of my goals with the background is that the background color will help the dog stand out against it. I feel like this yellow color helps to do this.
  • Blue Eyes I like to paint a lot of my animals with blue eyes. This portrait of picking flowers is an example of how I put blue eyes on this dog painting.
  • The Pink Flower I love the flower, and to me, the flower also symbolizes that he was able to run wild and free in the garden, picking any of the flowers he wanted to. I chose the color pink as pink symbolizes youth, good health, and playfulness.

You can purchase the print of The Picking Flowers painting from Fine Art AmericaFine art America will allow you to purchase this as a printed frame with a matt and frame or as a canvas print. They offer a nice range of frame types, matt colors, and print sizes. They also offer a wide range of other products that you can use to print this artwork. You can find out more about buying The Picking Flowers by clicking here. #ArtThatMakesYouSmile

If you would like to have The Picking Flowers printed on a notebook, facemasks, water bottle cup, or anything else, you can also purchase that from either Fine Art America or Red Bubble. You can find out more about Fine Art America by clicking here or Red Bubble by clicking here. They both offered you some great choices to print The Picking Flowers on cards, notebooks, T-shirts, and products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Anita Louise Hummel to create the oil painting “Picking Flowers”?

Anita Louise Hummel was inspired by a dog she encountered at the Apple Store in Mayfair Mall, Milwaukee. The dog’s unique look and mischievous expression motivated her to capture its personality in the painting.

Why did Anita choose a black and white dog for this painting?

The artist expresses a love for the black and white color combination when painting dogs, and she found it particularly fitting for the subject of “Picking Flowers.”

What significance does the yellow background hold in the painting?

Anita chose a bright yellow background to complement the dog’s natural black and white coloring. The goal was to make the dog stand out against the vibrant background.

Why are blue eyes a recurring feature in Anita’s animal paintings, including “Picking Flowers”?

The artist has a preference for painting animals with blue eyes. In this portrait, the blue eyes add a distinctive touch to the dog, enhancing its overall expression.

What does the pink flower symbolize in “Picking Flowers”?

The pink flower hanging from the dog’s mouth symbolizes a playful and mischievous act of picking flowers in the garden. Pink was chosen for its association with youth, good health, and playfulness.

How did Anita capture the mischievous personality of the dog in the painting?

Anita observed the dog’s sheepish eyes in the photograph and translated that expression into the painting, creating a portrayal that suggests the dog could easily find itself in amusing or troublesome situations.

Is there a specific reason why Anita avoided using gold or silver leafing in this artwork?

Anita chose not to use gold or silver leafing in “Picking Flowers,” aligning with her preference for bright and cheerful colors without additional metallic elements.

Where can one purchase a print of “Picking Flowers” by Anita Louise Hummel?

Prints of “Picking Flowers” are available for purchase on Fine Art America. The platform offers a variety of options, including framed prints, canvas prints, and various sizes to suit individual preferences.

What other products featuring “Picking Flowers” are available on Fine Art America?

Fine Art America provides a range of products featuring the artwork, including framed prints with different mat and frame options. Additionally, they offer canvas prints and various customizable items.

Why does Anita emphasize #ArtThatMakesYouSmile in relation to “Picking Flowers”?

Anita believes that art and happiness should go hand-in-hand. The use of bright colors and the playful depiction of the dog picking flowers align with her vision of creating art that brings joy and smiles to those who view it.

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