James Johnstone Author

James Johnstone


Meet James Johnstone, whose Scottish roots ground him as much as his global experiences propel him. With a master’s degree from Edinburgh Business School, he has honed his expertise in business strategy and the art of transforming spaces. His narrative, however, extends beyond the confines of boardrooms; James is an author, an art enthusiast, and an amateur painter himself, blending his love for the fine arts with his appreciation for design.

His years in Asia have influenced not only his professional pursuits in product development but also his artistic inclinations as he explored the vibrant aesthetics and technological innovations of the region. In his writings, he draws from a well of knowledge, weaving together his passion for art, interior design, and cultural insights.

When the pen rests, James indulges in the thrill of cycling, the joy of painting, and the boundless discovery of travel. Follow along as he shares a life lived through the lens of artistry and adventure, inviting us to find inspiration in the elegance of art and the design of our surroundings.