“Someone once told me that the minute you pick up an art brush, you are an artist.  I started painting much later in life, but once I found art, I can not stop –  art is my therapy session – my obsession.  “

Anita Louise Hummel

My Story – Anita Louise Hummel

I have always had an interest in art; in college, one of my favorite classes was art history.  Like many people, life got in the way of my artistic pursuits. 

In December 2016, I was riding on my motorcycle from the bank to my hairdresser in Hanoi, Vietnam.  I got into a motorbike accident and ended up having to have an operation to put 7 screws and a plate in my right ankle.

This accident meant that I was housebound for quite a while.  I decided to get some art supplies and start to paint again.   

I soon discovered how much I enjoyed art and rediscovered my love for oil painting.  I was quickly able to put my love of animals, culture, and other aspects together with my art; I paint animals, women of culture, and modern art.  

I am a great believer that anyone who picks up a paintbrush to paint is an artist and that art should reflect our individual style, circumstances, lives, and experiences.  

I feel art should make us happy and make us smile.  That is why I live by the hashtag #ArtThatMakesYouSmile.  I hope that my art will put a smile on your face and make you happy.  


Fun Facts About Anita Louise Hummel

  • Graduated from Brigham Young University in International Relations
  • Has an MMLCBLA, which is a lot of letters for a Master of Law, Chinese Business Law (Open University of Hong Kong)
  • On the Global Board of BYU Management Society.
  • Co-authored a book.
  • Guest speaker at universities and MBA programs.
  • She can be seen most days riding her Honda scooter around Hanoi.
  • Founded Project Sprouts, a grassroots charity organization that helps impoverished schools and students in North Vietnam.
  • Lived in Sundsvall, Sweden, during my senior year of High School.
  • Spent a summer in college backpacking Europe.
  • Spent another summer in college, backpacking in China.
  • Taught English in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Loves a good BBC murder mystery.
  • Is a foodie who loves delicious and interesting food.
  • Write and blogs about food.
  • Have a Masters in Strategic Business from Edinburgh Business School (Scotland)
  • Loves to learn about all kinds of art history and art
  • Rode a camel and discovered it is not as comfortable as it looks in all the movies.
  • Has studied Chinese, Vietnamese, and Swedish. Knows enough in each language to get around and get in trouble.
  • Loves Dogs, Cats, and all kinds of animals and loves to paint them.
  • She spends many Saturday mornings cycling around the countryside of Vietnam.
  • Has cycled Ragbrai, the annual bicycle ride through the USA State of Iowa, and discovered that Iowa is not flat.
  • Cycled between the BYUs from BYU Provo, Utah, to BYU Idaho and learned that it was crazy.
  • Comes from a family of six girls.
  • Grew up in a house with six girls and one bathroom.
  • Loves to sail and is a member of the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center.
  • Loves life, travel, and adventure.

Speaking, Publications, News, Etc.

“Starting & Operating a Business in Thailand,” by Anita Louise Hummel and coauthored with Pise Sethsathira, a Law Professor and Legal Advisor to the Thai Government. Published and Printed by McGraw – Hill Book Co – Singapore, 1991.

“Crafting a Life in Asia,” an article written about Anita Hummel for the Bridges Alumni Magazine, Volume 2012, Issue 2, a publication of the David M, Kennedy Center for International Relations, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

Anita Louise Hummel, “Vì giáo dục, ai cũng có thề làm việc nghĩa!, an article written about Anita Hummel and her charity work with Project Sprouts. Publication of Giáo Duc Thời Đại, a Vietnamese national newspaper about education, November 30, 2020.

Anita Hummel Speaking Assignments and International Workshops:

Anita Hummel has also been a featured speaker for Brigham Young University Marriott School, the University of Las Vegas, and SCUT (The Southern China University of Technology).

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