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Why Do People Use Pinterest?, 13 Reasons Why

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People, including artists, may wonder if it’s worth it for them to be on Pinterest and spend the time needed to be active Pinterest users. There are many reasons why people use Pinterest and enjoy the Pinterest social media app.

People use Pinterest to explore and to be inspired. Pinterest allows you to be your own curator. Pinterest helps you find exciting new products, brands, and ideas. For many people, Pinterest is a kind of therapy. Pinterest is an app you can do solo or interact with others. Pinterest is an easy and straightforward app to use.

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Artists and individuals often question the value of investing time in becoming active Pinterest users. However, numerous compelling reasons exist for embracing and enjoying Pinterest as a social media platform.

Pinterest is a vast source of inspiration and exploration, empowering users to curate their collections of interests. It’s a gateway to discovering new products, brands, and creative concepts. For many, engaging with Pinterest offers a therapeutic experience, providing a space for personal reflection or interaction with others.

Additionally, its user-friendly interface makes Pinterest an accessible and straightforward app for solitary exploration or social interaction.

Pinterest App

There are many reasons why people use and enjoy using the Pinterest app so much. Here are our top 13 reasons why people use Pinterest.

1 – People Use Pinterest To Explore

Spending time on Pinterest is about exploring and finding things that interest you. It is about searching for items like art to purchase or ideas for your own art and painting.

Pinterest is all about finding great visual content that interests you. You can then organize this content on your boards to find them sometime in the future.

2 – People Use Pinterest As Therapy

Finding pins on Pinterest can be extremely therapeutic. As you are scrolling through all the beautiful visual contact, you can lose yourself in the moment and forget about many of the other things which might be on your mind.

This is why one of the major reasons people use interest is as a kind of therapy. Once you get into Pinterest, you can be drawn in deeper and deeper. Just one Pinterest pen is not enough; you need to find the next pin and the next pin after that. Before you know it, a few hours have already passed as you are pinning the Pinterest pins to your boards.

3. – People Use Pinterest For Inspiration

Pinterest is a great tool to use to find inspiration. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, all you need to do is go onto Pinterest and do a few searches, and you can find a whole bunch of ideas for your bathroom remodels.

If you are looking to paint some artwork, all you need to do is go onto Pinterest and see what others are doing to help you to be able to get some inspiration for your own artwork. Pinterest is a great way to stay and to keep inspired.

4. – People Use Pinterest To Curate

Pinterest allows you to be your own curator. You can go onto Pinterest and discover the latest color trends, floral patterns, or trending designs.

This is because Pinterest allows you to be the curator. You are the one who is in charge. You can decide which pins you will put on what board. With Pinterest, you are the curator.

5. – Pinterest Can be Solo or Interactive

Many social media platforms are very interactive. Someone will write you, and then you write them back; back and forth you go with the banter. With Pinterest, you do not need to talk or interact with anyone; most people pin without commenting or reacting to the pin.

If you want Pinterest to be social, then it can be. You could comment or write other things on the pin if you wanted to, but most users on Pinterest are doing it alone; there is minimal messaging, no threats from any moderators, no downvotes, and no fear of getting into an endless debate.

6. Pinterest is Easy, Simple, and Clear

Pinterest is straightforward and clear to use. This simplicity and clarity are what help to drive people to want to use and be on the Pinterest platform; there is not a lot of thinking or communicating going on.

In a world that continues to get more and more complicated, the simplicity and clarity of Pinterest appeal to many people. You pin entirely on your own, and no one watches over you to see what you are pinning. The fact that Pinterest is easy, simple, and clear adds to the lore of the Pinterest app.

Reasons Why Pinterest Is a Great Social Media Platform For Artists
Reasons Why Pinterest Is a Great Social Media Platform For Artists

7. People Use Pinterest to Find New Information or Products

People use Pinterest to find new information or learn about new products. This is why Pinterest is an essential social media platform for many brands. People are on Pinterest looking for information about their favorite brands or products.

People are also on Pinterest to find new information. It could be a new recipe, or maybe you are looking for ideas for a school newsletter. You can find all this information very quickly and easily on Pinterest.

8. People Use Pinterest to Share

Pinterest is also about sharing. If you want to share something, make your own pin and share it with others.

Like other social media platforms, at the heart of Pinterest is sharing.

9. Pinterest is Visual

Pinterest is a great visual social media app. These beautiful Pins that show products and ideas are like candy for your eyes. One of the great things about Pinterest is that it is not about reading a lot of text, but most of it is visual.

10. Pinterest is Free

Pinterest is an entirely free social media app. All you need to do is sign up for an account, and then you can start using Pinterest. Initially, it may take a little bit of organization as you organize and set your boards, but once they are set up, it is effortless and straightforward to use.

11. The Pinterest Platform is Growing

The use of Pinterest continues to grow. Pinterest is a social media platform that is continuing to grow each year. Most women are on Pinterest, but men still have a growth opportunity to join the platform.

From a Pinterest user and a marketing standpoint, the fact that Pinterest is growing is important. The more people there are on the platform, the more exciting pins they will be for you to pin. The more people there are on the platform for a marketer, the more potential customers you can reach through Pinterest,

Here are some of the statistics about Pinterest:

  • 416 million monthly active users and growing – Yes, that is right, Pinterest continues to grow in popularity,
  • 2 Billion monthly searches and growing.
  • 97% of searches are unbranded.
  • Most users are using phones and tablets.
  • 76% of all American women are on Pinterest.

12. Pinterest is a Great Tool for Marketers

Pinterest is an excellent tool for marketers. You can make pins to link to your website while also sharing your pins with your audience. Some fabulous programs are set up to help you better share your Pinterest pins, such as Tailwind.

To learn more about how to use Tailwinds with Pinterest, read Essential Resources to Manage Your Social Media by clicking here.

Like other social media apps, when you put something up on the internet, it does not usually translate to your post or information to be found on a Google search or other search engines. But Pinterest also acts as a search engine when doing an online search; you may also see pins being suggested as part of your search query.

This makes it easy to use Pinterest for marketing purposes. Pinterest pins may come up in the search query of what you are looking for from a marketing standpoint; this can help to drive more traffic to your website.

Pinterest is one of these social media apps that sometimes people overlook because they do not quite understand it. Pinterest is a really powerful app. Especially if you love visual content, this is one of the best apps to find new and exciting information, products, and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people use Pinterest?

People use Pinterest to discover and save ideas for various interests, including but not limited to fashion, home decor, recipes, and travel.

Is Pinterest only for artists and creatives?

No, Pinterest caters to a diverse range of interests. While artists can showcase their work, the platform is used by individuals across different fields for inspiration.

How does Pinterest contribute to personal growth?

Pinterest serves as a source of inspiration, helping individuals explore new ideas and fostering personal growth through exposure to diverse perspectives and creativity.

Can Pinterest be a form of relaxation or therapy?

Yes, many users find the act of curating boards and exploring visually appealing content on Pinterest to be a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

Is Pinterest a social media platform or more of a personal tool?

Pinterest can be used both ways. Users can curate boards privately for personal use or engage socially by sharing and collaborating on boards with others.

What makes Pinterest different from other social media apps?

Pinterest is distinct in its focus on visual discovery and inspiration. It allows users to curate their interests rather than primarily focusing on social interactions.

How does Pinterest help users discover new products and brands?

Users can explore a wide range of products and brands on Pinterest through curated boards, product pins, and recommendations, making it a valuable platform for discovery.

Is Pinterest user-friendly for beginners?

Yes, Pinterest is known for its user-friendly interface. It’s easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all experience levels.

Can Pinterest be used for collaborative projects?

Yes, Pinterest supports collaboration through shared boards, enabling users to work together on creative projects or gather ideas collectively.

How can Pinterest be beneficial for businesses?

Pinterest provides a visual platform for businesses to showcase products and ideas, increasing brand visibility and driving traffic to their websites.

Is It Unusual For An Artist Not To Post Their Art On Social Media?

It is not unusual for an artist to not want to have their artwork posted on social media. There could be many reasons for this, including copying their artwork or using their artwork online without consent. Some artists may just not like social media or do not see the point in spending their time on social media.

You can discover more by reading Is It Unusual For An Artist Not To Post Their Art On Social Media? by clicking here.

How Should An Artist Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a great free online tool for artists to build their artistic brand while also giving exposure to their artwork. It can help an artist gain a wider audience and help direct people to their eCommerce site or website to purchase their art.

Pinterest can also be a great way for an artist to see what other artists are doing and what art is trending and popular. Pinterest is a great source for an artist to use to find artistic inspiration.

To learn more you can read How Should An Artist Use Pinterest? 15 Ways Pinterest Helps An Artist by clicking here.

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