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10 Reasons Why Pinterest Is a Great Social Media Platform For Artists

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Pinterest is not as popular as Facebook, but it is a great social media platform for Artists to consider promoting their artwork and brand.

The reasons we like Pinterest for artists to promote their artwork and brand is because 1) it emphasizes visual content, 2) it acts as a search engine, 3) it gives your art exposure, 4) popular with women, 5) a popular social media platform, 6) your pins can reach the world, 7) has younger educated users, 8) is an inspirational social media platform, 9) helps you to promote your art brand and 10) it is entirely free to use.

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Top 10 Benefits of Pinterest for Artists: A Visual Social Media Powerhouse

While Pinterest may not boast the user base of Facebook, it stands out as an exceptional social media platform for artists looking to promote their artwork and brand. Its emphasis on visual content makes it particularly suitable for artists. Many artists may only think about Facebook or Instagram to promote their artwork, but we also feel Pinterest is a great platform for you to promote your artwork and brand.

Pinterest’s unique format and features offer numerous advantages for showcasing art, building a brand, and engaging with a visually-oriented audience. Let’s explore the top reasons why Pinterest is a valuable tool for artists in the digital realm.

Here are 10 top reasons why we LOVE Pinterest for artists to promote their artwork and art brands.

Pinterest Emphasizes Visual Content

Pinterest emphasizes visual content. Everything you put on Pinterest must have a pin, which can be images, words, a quote, or a host of other things, but it must be visual content tied to a link on your webpage. If someone likes your pins, they can click on your webpage to read more.

Because Pinterest is about visual content, it is a great way to get additional exposure for your art and brand. If people like your pin, they will re-pin it onto their boards. And if the people who follow you like it and re-pin it, it can start to spread, and before you know it, you have reached thousands of people with just one Pinterest pin.

Pinterest Acts As a Search Engine

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest also acts as a search engine. This is because pins can show up in search results. When searching for some content on Google, you may find that pins from Pinterest will appear in the first area of the Google search results page.

Pinterest Gives Your Art Exposure

Pinterest will help to give your art exposure. There is an old saying that any exposure is good, which is also true of Pinterest. The more pins you have, the more likely people will see your pins and artwork.

Many women have a say on what kind of artwork they will have in their homes. To reach women deciding what to put into their homes, Pinterest is a very popular social media platform.

A significant majority of Pinterest’s user base, over 76%, comprises women. Additionally, the platform is a powerful discovery tool, with more than 46% of its users finding new products or services on Pinterest.

Reasons Why Pinterest Is a Great Social Media Platform For Artists

Presently, Pinterest is the 4th most popular social media platform in the United States. In popularity, Pinterest ranks in front of Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

That translates to over 31% of the US population having a Pinterest account, and many of them are called “active pinners,” or people who are on there all the time and pinning content.

Pinterest Is Reaching the World

Even though Pinterest continues to grow in the United States, it is gaining much popularity worldwide. Pinterest continues to see double-digit growth in almost all international countries.

So if you want to reach the world through your pins, then Pinterest is expected to continue to increase in popularity. The world is catching on to Pinterest as a social media platform.

Pinterest Has Many Younger, Educated Users

A lot of those that are on Pinterest are young and educated. There is a belief that this will continue as more of the younger generation want to be able to search for things using visual content. Pinterest offers this as Pinterest is all about visual content.

On Pinterest 18-29 years olds account for 34% of all users, while 30 to 49-year-olds account for 35%, and 50 to 64 years old for 27%. 38% of all Pinterest users have a college degree. If the targeted demographics for your art fit into this group of individuals, then you should have a Pinterest account.

Pinterest Is An Inspiration Based Platform

Pinterest is about inspiration. People put up pins that inspire them. As a Pinterest user, you should join in this “inspiration community.” This means that not all the pins on your board should be your brand pins, but you should also show pins from others or pins that inspire you. ‘

As with any social media account, Pinterest is about sharing. You share your ideas and inspiration with others, and they share yours with you.

Pinterest Can Promote Brand Awareness

Through your Pinterest boards, you can create brand awareness. This brand awareness should not just be your own pins, but it should be about you showing everything your brand is about or what inspires you in your art.

For example, I like to paint a lot of dogs, cats, and other animals. So on many of my boards, I will have some photos of dogs, cats, and other animals. On other boards, I have some paintings of some people I admire who have done some great paintings that I like.

Pinterest Is Completely Free To Use

Pinterest is completely free to use. Yes, you can pay to advertise your pins, but you do not need to. You can sign up, use Pinterest, and make Pins completely free of charge.

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We feel like every artist who wants to seriously promote their artwork and art brand, especially if they are looking to promote to women buyers, should consider Pinterest as one of their social media platforms. It is a great social media platform that many artists overlook.

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Artful Pins: 10 Reasons Why Pinterest is the Artist's Social Haven

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