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Why Should Every Artist Be on Instagram? 9 Reasons Why

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I have several social media accounts, so having a social media account can be hard work and take a lot of time and effort. But even with the hard work and effort it takes to manage a social media account, I feel it is essential for every artist looking to get exposure for their artwork to have an Instagram account.

There are many reasons why every artist should have an Instagram account. Some reasons include that Instagram is free and easy to use as a visual social media platform. Instagram allows you to tell your story and can help you get exposure for your artwork. Instagram can also help give you inspiration and ideas. Through Instagram, you can also meet fellow artists and friends.

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9 Key Reasons Artists Must Embrace Instagram

Navigating the realm of social media can often feel like a complex, time-consuming endeavor. The effort required to maintain multiple accounts is not just substantial; it’s a continuous commitment.

Yet, despite the challenges that come with managing these digital platforms, there’s one that stands out as particularly crucial for artists seeking to showcase their talent: Instagram.

Instagram’s importance in the art world cannot be overstated. It’s a unique, visual-centric platform that offers cost-free access, ease of use, and a vast audience reach. Here, artists can weave their personal narratives, share their creative journeys, and gain valuable exposure to their work.

Beyond just showcasing art, Instagram serves as a source of inspiration and a hub for artistic ideas. It also fosters a sense of community, allowing artists to connect with peers and enthusiasts alike.

Here are the reasons why every artist should be on Instagram:

1 – Instagram is free

Instagram is completely free. It does not cost you anything to sign up for an Instagram account. You first need to sign up for a personal Instagram account, and then if you want to, you can change it over to a business account.

Instagram works best on mobile devices like your phone or iPad. I tend to use it a lot on my iPad as I find it easier to use on the iPad than on my phone or computer. It is set up more to be used on mobile devices, but you can also use it on your computer.

If you want to see other people’s profiles, you must have an Instagram account.

Here are a few things to know about Instagram:

People can follow you on Instagram –

You can register your account for others to follow you and see your artwork. If you want it to be private, you can sign up so that you can approve anyone who wants to follow you.

I do not do this as I feel like my Instagram account is about getting my artwork out there for people to see, so I allow anyone to follow me. But you can decide what is best for you and your artwork.

You can also follow other people on Instagram –

There are many other artists. I enjoy doing this as it gives me a chance to see their work and what they are doing. You can search and find other artists you want to follow.

2 – Instagram is easy to use

Instagram is a straightforward platform to use. Once you learn a few basic things about it, like putting up photos or how to like or comment on what other people have posted, it is then highly user-friendly.

Here is a brief outline of how to use Instagram:

  • Home button – This will take you to the home where you can see everything others have posted.
  • Search button – you can search for people, contacts, or hashtags. Some art hashtags you can consider would be #art #oilpainting #artistsoninstagram #artists, to name a few.
  • Plus Button – the plus button at the center of the page at the bottom is what you can press to post photos or videos.
  • Heart Button – The heart button lets you see who has liked or commented on your posts.
  • Button with your photo – will take you back to your page to see all your posts.
Instagram Guide
Key to Instagram buttons.

3 – Instagram is a visual platform

One of the great things about Instagram is that it is a visual platform. As artists, we tend to be seeing people.

So Instagram is a way for us to tell our story in a very visual way. You can look at Instagram as a visual photo album that gives you a mobile platform to show your photos and artwork.

4 – Instagram allows you to tell your story

Instagram allows you to introduce yourself to the world and tell them a little about yourself and your art. But you need to tell that story in 150 characters including any hashtags, so think carefully about what you want and how to say it.

For the Instagram posts you have up to 2,200 characters to tell about your post.

As Instagram is a visual platform, you need to include a photo, video, or other very good visual images.

5 – Instagram can give your art some exposure

Instagram can give your art some exposure. Just getting the photos out there is better than no one ever seeing it.

Also, write up a bit about your art when posting it. You can write about what inspired you to paint this painting. Or what does this painting mean to you? Make it personal, try to relate to your audience, and tell them what inspires you and why.

You can also add some hashtags to your artwork. Hashtags can help people to be able to search for your art as they can search by hashtags. There is a limit of 30 hashtags per post, but most people do not post many hashtags. Some of my favorite hashtags are:

  • #art
  • #painting
  • #oilpainting
  • #artistsoninstagram
  • #contemporaryart
  • #abstractart
  • #womensart
  • #artists
  • #modernart
  • #newart
  • #newpainting

6 – You can get artistic ideas by following other artists you admire

As Instagram is a social platform, it is all about sharing. It can also be a great place to see what other artists are doing and how they are doing it. You can follow the artists that you admire and keep up with the artwork they are doing.

If I ever lack inspiration, I may go on to Instagram and search some profiles or even do some hashtags to see what comes up on the Instagram feed. I can usually find inspiration once I have done that for a while.

Sometimes I may even search for some of my favorite impressionist artists on Instagram. If you want to learn more about impressionism, read our blog called Why Was Impressionism Art At First Rejected?

We all need some inspiration from time to time, and as Instagram is all about the visual or photos others are posting, it can be an excellent resource for an artist to look for inspiration.

7 – Your followers can help give you ideas

I recently started to post some photos I was thinking of painting on Instagram and asked my followers what they thought I should do or paint my painting. I got back some really great ideas.

Instagram is a great place to engage your followers and ask them what they think. They may help you get some ideas.

8 – Potential customers are searching for Instagram

Many potential customers collect art and search Instagram for new art or artists. They are also out searching for new talent or people who may have something interesting to show.

Instagram has evolved beyond its original purpose as a social media platform, transforming into a significant sales channel. Nowadays, numerous artists and various entrepreneurs predominantly conduct their sales directly on Instagram or via their Instagram profiles.

This is another reason why every artist must have an Instagram account. You never know who is looking at your art and where that can all lead.

9 – It is good to be social

Instagram provides a fantastic opportunity for artists to display their art and connect with fellow artists globally. Success on this platform hinges on embracing its social nature. To truly thrive on Instagram, engaging actively with other users is vital. The secret to making a mark on Instagram is consistent interaction and community engagement.

An Instagram account is the one social media platform that can help artists get some excellent exposure to show their artwork. You never know where it can lead and who can see it. But best of all, having an account is free and easy to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should you post your art on Instagram?

It’s widely believed that the timing of your Instagram posts can be as influential as the content itself. While Mondays are often considered less effective due to people being preoccupied with work, the period from Tuesday to Friday tends to be more favorable for engagement as users are more likely to browse Instagram.

Regardless of the specific day or time, the crucial step is to begin posting consistently and establish a regular posting schedule. This consistency is critical to building a presence and engaging effectively with your audience on Instagram.

What is the primary purpose of Instagram?

The primary purpose of Instagram has evolved to encompass a broader spectrum of social interaction and digital marketing. While its core function remains the sharing of photos and personal experiences, Instagram now serves as a multifaceted platform where users express their likes and dislikes and engage in brand promotion, influencer marketing, and visual storytelling.

What is Instagram’s primary role?

Instagram’s role extends beyond mere social connectivity; it’s a space for building communities, discovering trends, and even conducting business through features like shoppable posts and sponsored content. It’s akin to navigating a digital gathering, where, instead of physically moving around a party to meet new people, users explore and interact through a virtual network, connecting with others across the globe. This expansion of purpose has transformed Instagram into a dynamic platform that caters to various aspects of social and professional engagement.

How can fine artists use Instagram to enhance their visibility?

Fine artists can use Instagram to showcase their portfolio, share behind-the-scenes glimpses of their creative process, and engage with their audience. Regularly posting high-quality images, using relevant hashtags, and interacting with followers and other artists can significantly increase their visibility and reach.

What are the best practices for digital artists on Instagram?

Digital artists should focus on posting clear, high-resolution images of their work, using Instagram Stories to show work-in-progress, and engaging with the digital art community. Leveraging Instagram’s features like Reels, IGTV for longer videos, and Shopping for selling art can also be beneficial.

Can Instagram help artists sell their work?

Absolutely. Artists can use Instagram as a platform to display and sell their artwork. By integrating Instagram Shopping, they can tag their artworks in posts, leading followers directly to their online store or website for purchase.

How can artists find and engage with their target audience on Instagram?

Artists can engage with their target audience by using relevant hashtags, collaborating with other artists or influencers, and participating in art challenges or themes. Engaging with followers through comments, direct messages, and interactive stories also helps in building a loyal community. Additionally, artists can explore and connect with potential audiences by engaging with content in their niche, such as commenting on posts from similar artists or art enthusiasts.

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