Behind The Veil, By Anita Louise Hummel

Years ago, I was on a long journey traveling in a car through some parts of northern India. During part of the journey, I fell asleep and suddenly woke up and looked around – I was in the middle of a Muslim section of India where the women were all wearing burkas.

Behind the Veil, by Anita Louise Hummel, is a painting that is a tribute to women wearing a veil or a burka. There is something mysterious and beautiful about a woman who wears a veil, especially when the woman has nicely manicured nails, golden jewels, and piercing blue eyes.

Behind The Veil shows that beauty is more than just appearances and is under the skin; beauty can shine through a woman’s veil.

The Inspiration – Behind The Veil, By Anita Louise Hummel

I have long been fascinated by women wearing burkas or a veil. I have often wondered exactly what is underneath the veil; it was this fascination that led me to paint this painting called Behind the Veil.

My inspiration for this painting was about the beauty of a woman who may be partly hidden behind a veil; I wanted to make sure I painted her so that you would know that she was a beautiful woman inside and out. The veil did not hide her beauty but only add it to her allure and mystery.

I painted this woman behind the veil with beauty and mystery in mind. You will notice that she has on a gold ring and other gold jewels that show us she is a woman of some substance and class.

The subject matter also has bright colors as I wanted to paint her as woman who is not afriad to wear bright colors. She has nicely manicured hands, as she is a woman who may wear a veil but also cares about making sure she looks nice all the time, especially by having a nice manicure.

This painting, Behind The Veil, symbolizes that beauty is inside each of us; even beauty and class can be seen under a veil.

Behind The Veil By Anita Louise Hummel

About The Painting – Behind The Veil, By Anita Louise Hummel

Like many of my paintings, I love to use bright colors. I believe that art should be #ArtThatMakesYouSmile.

Here are a few things about the original oil painting Behind The Veil by Anita Louise Hummel:

  1. Bright Colors – I used a lot bright colors on this painting as I wanted to show a woman who may wear a veil but she was also confident in herself as she knew she could wear a lot of bright fun colors.
  2. Blue Eyes – I am a fan of blue eyes so I painted her with bright blue eyes; even though she is behind a veil we can see so much into a person’s soul from their eyes. I mixed idigo and white color paint for the eyes.
  3. Gold leafing – She has on a lot of jewelry. For all these areas I used gold leaf. You will notice that she has on a very large gold ring on her hand. This show she is married but also a woman of means.
  4. Bright background – I also choose a bright torquise tonal background for this painting as I wanted a background that allowed the bright colors of the painting to stand out.

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