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Years ago, I was on a long journey traveling in a car through some parts of northern India. During part of the journey, I fell asleep and suddenly woke up and looked around – I was in the middle of a Muslim section of India where the women were all wearing burkas.

Behind the Veil, by Anita Louise Hummel, is a painting that is a tribute to women wearing a veil or a burka. There is something mysterious and beautiful about a woman who wears a veil, especially when the woman has nicely manicured nails, golden jewels, and piercing blue eyes. Behind The Veil shows that beauty is more than just appearances and is under the skin; beauty can shine through a woman’s veil.

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The Inspiration – Behind The Veil, By Anita Louise Hummel

I have long been fascinated by women wearing burkas or a veil. I have often wondered exactly what is underneath the veil; this fascination led me to paint this painting called Behind the Veil.

My inspiration for this painting was the beauty of a woman who may be partly hidden behind a veil; I wanted to make sure I painted her so that you would know she was beautiful inside and out. The veil did not hide her beauty but only added to her allure and mystery.

I painted this woman behind the veil with beauty and mystery in mind. You will notice that she has on a gold ring and other gold jewels that show us she is a woman of some substance and class.

The subject also has bright colors, as I wanted to paint her as a woman who is not afraid to wear bright colors. She has nicely manicured hands, as she is a woman who may wear a veil but also cares about making sure she looks nice all the time, especially by having a nice manicure.

This painting, Behind The Veil, symbolizes that beauty is inside each of us; even beauty and class can be seen under a veil.

Behind The Veil By Anita Louise Hummel

About The Painting – Behind The Veil, By Anita Louise Hummel

Like many of my paintings, I love to use bright colors. I believe that art should be #ArtThatMakesYouSmile.

Here are a few things about the original oil painting Behind The Veil by Anita Louise Hummel:

  1. Bright Colors – I used many bright colors in this painting to show a woman who may wear a veil, but she was also confident in herself as she knew she could wear a lot of bright, fun colors.
  2. Blue Eyes – I am a fan of blue eyes so I painted her with bright blue eyes; even though she is behind a veil we can see so much into a person’s soul from their eyes. I mixed idigo and white color paint for the eyes.
  3. Gold leafing – She has on a lot of jewelry. For all these areas, I used gold leaf. You will notice that she has a very large gold ring on her hand. This shows she is married but also a woman of means.
  4. Bright background – I also choose a bright torquise tonal background for this painting as I wanted a background that allowed the bright colors of the painting to stand out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Anita Louise Hummel?

Anita Louise Hummel is a multi-talented individual with a diverse background in International Relations, Chinese Business Law, and Strategic Business. She is also a passionate artist specializing in oil painting and a philanthropist who founded Project Sprouts, an organization that supports impoverished schools and students in North Vietnam.

How did Anita Hummel develop her interest in art?

While she had always been interested in art, her passion was rekindled following a motorcycle accident in 2016 that left her housebound for a while. During her recovery, she began to paint again, discovering a love for oil painting, and she now paints animals, women of culture, and modern art.

What are some significant achievements of Anita Hummel?

Anita Hummel has many notable achievements. She has a Master of Law in Chinese Business Law from the Open University of Hong Kong, a Masters in Strategic Business from Edinburgh Business School, Scotland, and she has served on the Global Board of BYU Management Society. She has also co-authored a book on starting and operating a business in Thailand.

What is the #ArtThatMakesYouSmile initiative?

This is a personal motto of Anita’s, who believes art should bring happiness and joy. By using this hashtag, she shares her art in the hope of spreading smiles and happiness to others.

What is Project Sprouts?

Project Sprouts is a grassroots charity organization that Anita Hummel founded. It aims to help impoverished schools and students in North Vietnam.

What languages has Anita Hummel studied?

Anita Hummel has studied Chinese, Vietnamese, and Swedish and knows enough in each language to navigate and engage in basic conversations.

What is Anita Hummel’s connection to Brigham Young University (BYU)?

Anita Hummel graduated from Brigham Young University in International Relations and has served on the Global Board of BYU Management Society. She has also been a featured speaker at multiple BYU Management Society conferences and events.

What is Anita Hummel’s relation to art history?

Anita Hummel has always been interested in art history and it was one of her favorite subjects in college. This deep appreciation of art history continues to inform her work as an artist.

What is the book that Anita Hummel co-authored?

Anita Hummel co-authored a book titled “Starting & Operating a Business in Thailand” with Pise Sethsathira, a Law Professor and Legal Advisor to the Thai Government. The book was published by McGraw–Hill Book Co in 1991.

Where has Anita Hummel lived and traveled?

Anita Hummel has traveled extensively, having lived in Sundsvall, Sweden, during her senior year of High School, taught English in Taipei, Taiwan, and spent summers backpacking in Europe and China. Currently, she lives in Hanoi, Vietnam, and can often be seen riding her Honda scooter around the city.

What Other Websites Does Anita Louise Hummel blog on?

Here are some of the websites,

For Business –
For Travel –
For Real Estate –
For Health and Exercise –
For Charity –
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For BYU –

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