Do I Look Fat? By Anita Louise Hummel, Original Painting (2017)

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I love animals, and one animal I feel I can always relate to is the hippopotamus. I wonder how often other animals may come up behind them and tell the hippo they are fat.   

Do I Look Fat? By Anita Louise Hummel is a painting of a hippopotamus wearing a hot pink bikini and pink sunglasses. Even if the hippo has a few extra pounds on her, she still looks great in her hot pink bikini and sunglasses.    

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I painted this painting for any woman who may not always appreciate the shape and size of her body. This painting is a statement that we are all beautiful – no matter our shape or size – our hippo friend looks great in her hot pink bikini.  

Do I Look Fat? By Anita Louise Hummel (2017), printed on a pillow

The Inspiration –Do I Look Fat?, By Anita Louise Hummel (2017)

The inspiration for this painting came to me when I saw a picture of a hippopotamus one day, and I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to paint the hippopotamus in bright colors with a bikini on?  I wanted to have a picture that I felt people could relate to while putting a smile on their faces. 

The Animaniacs cartoon series features two hippos lovingly known as the Hip Hippos. The male Hip Hippo is named Flavio, and the female is named Marita. Here is one of their conversations that beautifully expresses the “Do I Look Fat?” painting.

Marita Hippo: Flavio, are we actually fat?
Flavio Hippo: No, my delectable. We are simply bigger than life itself

Animaniacs Quotes

I love this quote as I feel like my “Do I Look Fat?” painting is also about how anyone of any size or shape is “larger than life itself” and absolutely “delectable!” We are all “Absolutely Delectable!”

Do I Look Fat? By Anita Louise Hummel (2017), printed on a tote bag.

About The Painting – Do I Look Fat? By Anita Louise Hummel (2017)

At the forefront of this painting is my belief that animals are like us; I like to humanize the animals that I paint.

Animals Are Like Us!

I love having a pet; I am someone who loves animals. I find myself talking to my dogs and cats; they become a part of my life. I have found that all my pets have their own distinct personalities.

Some dogs love to be picked up and petted, and others do not want to be touched. Some dogs are afraid of a thunderstorm, whereas others do not care if there is thunder or lightning.

Some cats love to go outside, and sometimes once they get outside, they can be gone for days. Other cats really prefer to be inside and close to their family.

I believe that animals are a lot like us; the belief that animals and humans have many traits in common is at the heart of this painting. After all, how many times have I also asked myself, “do I look fat?”

About The Painting – Do I Look Fat? By Anita Louise Hummel

When I thought of painting this artwork, the first thing that came into my head was that this painting needed to have bright, bright colors. So here are some aspects of the painting:

  • Bright Green – I am a fan of the apple kind of bright green. So I wanted the background on this painting to have the bright green color – almost like the color a bright green apple.
  • Hot Pink – I like to call my pink a “hot pink.” I really love the bright pink as I feel like ti works well with the colors of the hippo.
  • Pink Sunglasses – A respectable hippo who would get in that water or go to the beach would need a nice pair of fashionable sunglasses.
  • No Background – I purposely did not back the hippo with any background. I wanted her to stand out and to be larger than life with a bright green background.
  • Running Off Canvas – I have the hippo slightly runnig of the side of the canvas or very close to the canvas edge I wanted to give the feel or effect that she was so large she came off the canvas a bit or in other words she was just able squeeze on to that canvas apace.

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We would love to hear from you and your thoughts about this oil painting. If you have any questions or comments about the Do I Look Fat? painting or want to have a conversation, don’t hesitate to contact me, the artist, Anita Louise Hummel, by clicking here. We would love to have you join our community and sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Anita Louise Hummel to create the painting “Do I Look Fat?” (2017)?

The inspiration for this painting came to Anita when she saw a picture of a hippopotamus and thought it would be fun to paint a colorful hippo wearing a bikini to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Are there any pop culture references related to the painting “Do I Look Fat?”

Yes, the painting is reminiscent of the Hip Hippos, Flavio and Marita, from the Animaniacs cartoon series, which beautifully expresses the theme of the painting.

What is the central idea behind “Do I Look Fat?” by Anita Louise Hummel?

The central idea is that animals are similar to humans in many ways, and the painting humanizes animals to convey this connection. It also explores the common question, “Do I look fat?” that people often ask themselves.

How does Anita Louise Hummel view animals in relation to humans?

Anita Louise Hummel views animals as having their own distinct personalities and believes that they share many traits with humans.

What role do bright colors play in the painting “Do I Look Fat?”?

Bright green and hot pink are prominent in the painting. The bright green background and hot pink hues are used to make the hippo visually striking and engaging.

Why did the artist choose not to include a background for the hippo in the painting?

Anita Louise Hummel intentionally omitted a background to make the hippo stand out and appear larger than life against the vibrant green backdrop.

What is the significance of the pink sunglasses worn by the hippo in the painting?

The pink sunglasses add a touch of fashion and playfulness to the hippo, suggesting that even a respectable hippo at the beach would need stylish eyewear.

Why does the hippo appear to be running off the canvas in “Do I Look Fat?”?

The artist created this effect to convey the idea that the hippo is so large and lively that it appears to be bursting out of the canvas, adding a dynamic and fun element to the artwork.

What message does Anita Louise Hummel hope to convey through this painting?

Anita Louise Hummel’s painting aims to highlight the commonalities between animals and humans and bring joy to viewers by depicting a relatable moment of self-doubt

How can viewers of “Do I Look Fat?” by Anita Louise Hummel connect with the artwork?

Viewers can connect with the painting by recognizing the shared emotions and experiences between animals and humans, particularly the relatable feeling of questioning one’s appearance.

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