Where Is The Color Picker? Procreate’s Color Tools Explained

One of the great things for any artist is how the Procreate app allows you to quickly find and organize your colors. Procreate has several features that help you with this.

The color picker tool allows you to pick any color in Procreate and use the same color again. An eyedropper tool helps you to be able to choose the exact color you want to use in Procreate. The color drop tool allows you to drop a specific color onto the canvas. Essentially all these Procreate tools enable you to pick the correct color for your artwork.

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Understanding Procreate’s color picker tools helps you use the Procreate app for all your digital art needs.

Procreate’s Color Picker Tool

A color picker tool is a tool to guide you to pick colors or find a specific color. Using the color picker tools correctly means you can always find the exact colors you need for your digital artwork.

You do not need to find a color constantly as the Procreate app will help you keep track of the colors you have already used. There are two important color picker tools, namely the eyedropper and color drop.

Procreate Eye Dropper Tool

The Procreate eyedropper tool allows find a copy from an image on your canvas I use this feature when I want to find a specific color from an artwork or photograph.

The Procreate eyedropper tool is a tool that is used to help you to be able to find and pick colors and put them on your Procreate color palettes or use them on your Procreate canvas. This is an essential tool for you to know and understand as it helps you to find the colors you need.

We suggest that all colors you find you put them on a color palette; the Procreate color palettes help to keep your color choices organized.

Where is the Eye Dropper Tool in Procreate?

The eyedropper tool for Procreate is at the top right-hand corner of the canvas. To use the eyedropper tool, you must tap and hold on to the color on the canvas.

You can also set up your gesture controls for the eyedropper tool by going to the wrench tool on the left side of your canvas and clicking preferences. The gesture controls will allow you to set up specific commands for each function, including the eyedropper tool.

I have my eyedropper tool set up for a hold so that the device does not accidentally turn on the eyedropper tool. I like the control of holding it down for me to see the color.

When you hold down, it also allows you to hold while moving around the canvas to find the exact color you want. I have found that sometimes I need to move around the canvas with my finger before finding the exact color I need.

Once I release the hold the color will then come up on the eye dropper tool and I can add my color choice to a color palette.

Procreate Color Drop Tool

The Procreate color drop tool is, as the name implies; the color drop tool will drop the color onto your canvas. You can pick the color from the palette, values, or one of your color wheels; once you have picked the color, the color will appear at the top right and then you can drop that color onto your canvas.

Here are a few things to remember when using the Procreate color drop tool:

  • Pen or Brush Color – The pen or brush color will always be the color that is showing at the right-hand side of the canvas or eyedropper.
  • Fill Entire Canvas – If you move a color from a color palette to the canvas, it will fill the entire canvas.
  • Fill Specific Area – For the color drop tool to fill just a specific part of the canvas then you need to move the color into a closed object.. For example, if you want to move it into a circle, then you must make sure the circle is closed then you can move the color and drop it into the circle.
  • Clipping Mask – You can use the clipping mask for your color choices. You add a layer on top of what you want the color to be, drop the color on the layer and then use the clipping mask function. I actually use the clipping mask function a lot in my work.

Color Palettes

One of the best ways to use the color picker is to work with color palettes. We love the color palette function with Procreate.

Here are some reasons why we love the color palette function with Procreate:

  • Organizes colors – One of the advantages of using a color palette function in Procreate is that it will organize your colors. You can name your color palettes and move the colors around so that all the similar colors are next to each other.
  • Always Have The Color Choices – Another advantage is that you always have the color choice and can find them and use them again. This really helps you save time in finding the colors.
  • Gives All The Color Values – When you have a color on your palette, you can very easily find the color values. We really love this feature and use it a lot to find a specific color value that we may need for something.

Saving your color choices on a color palette and keeping the color choices organized is a very convenient way to work with Procreate. It helps keep your color choices organized and, in the long term, will save you a lot of time in trying to find a specific color again.

Of course, if you work on a piece of artwork and realize that you forgot the color, you can pull it up again or photograph it and use the eyedropper tool to find that color value again. This ability to easily find colors on Procreate is a great feature.

We love the Procreate app; it not only saves you time but help you product all kinds of amazing digital art.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Procreate?

Procreate is a popular digital design app developed specifically for iPad and iPad Pro. It allows artists and designers to create digital artwork, illustrations, and designs using a wide range of tools and features.

Is Procreate available on other devices besides the iPad?

No, Procreate is exclusively available for iPad and iPad Pro. It is not currently available on other platforms such as Android or desktop computers.

What are the main features of Procreate?

Procreate offers a variety of features, including a wide selection of brushes, layers, blending modes, customizable brushes, advanced selection tools, image adjustments, animation support, and a time-lapse recording feature.

Is Procreate suitable for professional use?

Yes, Procreate is widely used by professional artists, illustrators, and designers due to its powerful and versatile capabilities. Many industry professionals consider it a professional-grade digital design app.

Can I import/export files in Procreate?

Yes, Procreate supports importing and exporting files in various formats, including popular image file formats like JPEG, PNG, PSD, and TIFF. It also allows for exporting time-lapse videos of your artwork.

Is Procreate user-friendly for beginners?

While Procreate may have a learning curve for beginners who are new to digital design, it offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls and extensive documentation and tutorials to help users get started.

Can I use Procreate for graphic design projects?

Yes, Procreate is suitable for graphic design projects. It provides tools for creating logos, typography, layouts, and other graphic elements commonly used in graphic design.

Does Procreate support animation?

Yes, Procreate introduced animation support in recent updates. You can create frame-based animations directly within the app, allowing for simple animations or creating animated illustrations.

Is The Procreate App Beginner Friendly?

The Procreate App is beginner-friendly as it is quite easy to learn. But like any other program, you will need to learn some of the program’s basic functions, which may require a learning curve. But once you have mastered the Procreate App, you can use it to produce digital art, help you layout your painting, or as a digital art journal.

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Procreate is an Ipad app that is definitely worth the cost and time to learn. It is an app that can help you become better as an artist because it will save you time and allow you to be able to experiment with your art digitally before you paint anything onto the canvas. When used correctly, the Procreate App is worth the money, time, and effort.

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