How Pinterest can help you as an artist

How Should An Artist Use Pinterest? 15 Ways Pinterest Helps An Artist

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Pinterest is a social media tool that continues to gain a lot of popularity as people pin or re-pin things they like or things that inspire them. This free online tool can also help you as an artist.

Pinterest is a great free online tool for artists to build their artistic brand while also giving exposure to their artwork. It can help an artist gain a wider audience and help direct people to their eCommerce site or website to purchase their art.

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Maximizing Pinterest for Artists: 15 Strategic Uses

As a visually driven social media platform, Pinterest offers immense value for artists. Its growing popularity stems from the ease of pinning and re-pinning inspiring content.

For artists, Pinterest is more than just a source of inspiration; it’s a dynamic tool for staying abreast of current trends, exploring what fellow artists are creating, and discovering what resonates with audiences.

The platform is an excellent resource for artistic inspiration and a strategic tool for artists to enhance their visibility and connect with a broader community.

1- Pinterest is a great free online visual tool

As an artist, any social media tool, mainly visual, is usually a perfect tool for an artist to use; all Pinterest pins need to have a photo of the pin. As a photo is required, this can help you to be able to show your artwork visually.

One of the great things about Pinterest pins is that when a person clicks on the pin if you set it up correctly, they can send them directly to your website or your eCommerce site. This allows you to show your artwork and link to where people can purchase your artwork from you.

Another great thing about Pinterest is that for you to use and participate in Pinterest like all other social media sites, it is entirely free for you to use. All you need to do is sign up for a Pinterest Account.

If you do not yet have a Pinterest account, you can read our blog on Why Every Artists Needs A Pinterest Account by clicking here. This blog would help you if you considered starting a Pinterest account today.

2 – Great search engine to find all things about art.

In the last few years, Pinterest has become more like a search engine than a social media site. Now, when you search, let’s say, for Vincent Van Gogh, you may find that some of the first few Google searches are from Pinterest.

Pinterest is no longer just a social media site but Pinterest has become more of a search engine. So, the pins you pin or the pins you put up on Pinterest can all be found when people are doing some searches on a search engine.

3 – You can also search Pinterest for ideas.

Pinterest also has a built-in search function. You can go directly to Pinterest and go to their search bar.

You can put in a search like Abstract Art in the search bar, and then Pinterest will give you some suggestions, Or you can put in Abstract Art – Famous Artists to see some art from famous artists.

So if you are searching for visual content that people have liked or has inspired them, Pinterest is a great site to look at for this.


4 – Pinterest helps you see what your followers are pinning

You can discover feeds from people, boards, or topics you follow on your home feed on Pinterest. So you can look at what is trending or what interests them.

This can help you to be able to look at things like colors, finishes, or other things that seem to be trending more than others. It can help give you some inspiration for your art.

5 – Pinterest helps you also see additional ideas.

On your following tab, you can also see what people or brands are following; you can do this by clicking your “Following” tab at the top of your home screen on your computer. This will help you also to get some information on what inspires people.

If you want more ideas, you can click the “More Ideas” at the top of any of your boards. Pinterest will then automatically give you more ideas according to your board and what you follow.

You can easily see what is trending on Pinterest. And knowing what is trending can give you some ideas or inspiration for your artwork. You can click the three bars next to the search bar to find popular searches, or you can also do a search like popular art or trending art, and then popular art will show up on the search for you to see what is trending.

7 – Can set up boards for inspiration.

Pinterest can help you to organize boards for inspiration. Pinterest will allow you to have 500 boards and over 200,000 pins. So that is a lot of board and pins, and more than most people will ever use or pin.

Since most people will never get to the total number of boards or pins, you can have many boards and pins. For example, if you like to paint trees, you can have a board for pine, palm, and oak trees. When you want to paint a Pine Tree, you can go back to your board and see what inspiration you have on the board.

Pinterest boards can be a great way to organize and keep what inspires you in a board that you can easily find.

8 – You can follow the boards of other artists

You can also search for artists you admire and follow their boards. This way, you can see what they are pinning and what inspires them.

If there is a brand, a museum, or even an art gallery that you admire and you want to see what they are interested in, chances are they have a Pinterest account. You should also be able to follow their boards. This can help you see what kinds of things interest or inspire those brands you find inspiring.

9 – Can look at artwork people want to buy

Not just artists will pin their artwork. Many times, people who do not paint but like art or like the artist’s style will pin their art.

This is a great way to see what consumers like and what kind of art they said they would like to purchase. So, if you are looking for more commercial art, Pinterest can help you see the art, colors, and techniques people like and want to buy.

10 – Can discover new painting and art techniques

A lot of people will put up a lot of new ideas, new paintings, or artistic techniques on Pinterest; many of these same artists will link the latest technique to their YouTube Channel, where they will have a video to show you a step-by-step guide on how to do the new technique or art.

Pinterest is a great place to discover many of these new painting techniques or styles. It is easy to see what people offer or talk about, as the pins are always very visual.

11 – You can make a pin for your art

With Pinterest, you are not just limited to pinning other people’s artwork or re-pining things they have pinned. You can make your own pins when you have a Pinterest Business account.

With Pinterest, you can pin photos of your art and then share those pins for everyone to see. This will then allow you to have some good exposure for your art.

12 – People can view your art

Once you set up your Pinterest account and pin your own artwork, everyone can see your art. One of the most essential parts of this is setting up pins for your own artwork, and this will allow people to re-pin your art and allow them to see your art on Pinterest and then click on your website’s eCommerce site.

One of the great things about Pinterest is that when you pin your art, there is a chance that when people do a Google search, they can also find your pin or your art. Google Search will take them right to Pinterest.

Even if someone else has repinned your pin, they just need to click on the pin to go to your website or eCommerce site if someone wants to contact you. So it is essential that your pin also leads to your website or eCommerce site.

Otherwise, it will become a dead pin, meaning there is no way for people to really know where the pin came from and how to contact the pin owner.

If you do not have a website, you can read our blog on 11 Reasons Every Artist Should Have a Website by clicking here.

13 – People can comment or like your art.

Pinterest is like other social media accounts in that people can comment on your art, and you can also comment on their art. This is an excellent feature of Pinterest; it gives you a chance to get feedback for your art.

But with all social media tools, you cannot just pin on Pinterest and expect people to find it. You need to be social and interact with the Pinterest community. So if you want to get a lot out of Pinterest, you must also be willing to put effort and time into your boards and the Pinterest community,

14 – Pinterest can help you build your artistic brand

Like all good branding as an artist, you must also consider your brand. Pinterest can help you to build your artistic brand.

If, for example, you like to paint dogs, you can set up several Pinterest boards about dogs. You can have one with cute dogs dressed up, specific dog breeds or dogs you like, or dog photos that inspire you. You can also look to follow some famous dog photographers or other artists. When someone comes to your board, they will see that you are into dogs, and when they see your dog paintings, they will know that dogs are important to you.

So Pinterest can be one social media avenue for you to show people who you are as an artist or what drives your artwork. This is a chance for you to communicate your artistic brand to the world.

15 – Can sell your art on Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent avenue for you to be able to sell your artwork. This is why, as we mentioned before, when you set up a pin of your artwork, you should make sure that it goes to your website or your eCommerce site so that people can quickly contact you or know how to buy it.

As Pinterest is visual and about people sharing and re-pinning, the more people share or like your art, the better chance you will come to your site to buy your art.

Pinterest is a great visual social media site where each pin can connect directly to your website or eCommerce. This is an excellent advantage over other social media platforms as it is a direct link to your website or eCommerce site.

Having a Pinterest account has many advantages for you as an artist. It can help you to be able to sell your art and also for you to show people who you are as an artistic brand. It also has the advantage that each pin you make of your art will link directly to your website or eCommerce site.

This can help to drive customers to your website and help give you, as an artist, some excellent exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pinterest, and how can artists benefit from using it?

Pinterest is a visual discovery and bookmarking platform. Artists can use it to showcase their work, gain exposure, and connect with a wider audience.

How can Pinterest contribute to building an artist’s brand?

Pinterest allows artists to curate boards that reflect their artistic style, creating a cohesive brand image. Consistent and visually appealing boards contribute to brand identity.

Can Pinterest help artists drive traffic to their eCommerce sites or websites?

Yes, artists can link their artwork directly to their eCommerce or personal websites, providing a seamless way for Pinterest users to explore and purchase their art.

What types of boards should artists create on Pinterest?

Artists can create boards showcasing their portfolio, inspiration boards, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and collaborative projects. Diverse boards engage followers and showcase the artist’s versatility.

How can Pinterest assist artists in gaining a wider audience?

By utilizing relevant keywords, artists can increase the discoverability of their pins and attract a broader audience interested in art and similar creative endeavors.

Is Pinterest effective for networking within the art community?

Absolutely. Artists can connect with fellow creatives, join group boards, and participate in collaborative projects, fostering a sense of community within the art world.

How can Pinterest help artists stay updated on industry trends?

Following other artists and art-related boards exposes artists to a variety of styles, techniques, and trends, keeping them informed and inspired.

Are there any specific strategies for maximizing exposure on Pinterest?

Pin consistently, engage with followers, and leverage Pinterest Analytics to understand which content resonates the most. This helps artists refine their strategies for maximum exposure.

Can Pinterest be used for market research by artists?

Yes, artists can observe popular trends, analyze which of their pins perform best, and gather insights into what their audience enjoys. This information can inform future artistic endeavors.

How can artists effectively balance self-promotion and providing valuable content on Pinterest?

Artists should aim for a balance between showcasing their own work and curating content that resonates with their target audience. Providing value and inspiration enhances engagement.

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