Should an Artist write a blog?

Should an Artist Write a Blog? Your Top 7 Questions Answered

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Writing a blog is not easy. It requires time and commitment. It also means that you need actually to write while also having something relevant to say. So many artists ask themselves if they should really spend the time to write a blog? I know I also asked myself that very same question.

A blog has become an essential part of most websites. This is because Google and other search engines look at the content when deciding how relevant a website is for their search data. Writing a blog will help an artist’s website, especially if your blog adds relevant content to the internet.

Writing a blog should help you to add relevant content to your website, but there are a few things all bloggers need to consider:

Why must blogging be about relevant content?

Perhaps one of the most difficult things for any artist to decide whether or not to add a blog to your website is if you feel you have something to say or something relevant. One of the keys to successfully writing a blog is that the blog needs to have relevant content.

For example, if you have an art website but you decide to blog about your baby or your marriage, but unless your baby or your marriage heavily influences your art – and people buy the art from you because of that, this is probably not relevant content. Even if you may find writing about your baby, your life, or your marriage interesting, it probably will not add a lot of relevant content or reach a much wider audience.

But, for example, if you paint a lot of babies or families, you could write about why this subject matter of art inspires you. Or how to accurately paint a baby’s nose or the colors to use for correct skin tones. That is information that many people would probably be searching for – especially if they are painting a baby for the first time and having trouble getting the nose correct. Most people who will find your blog will find it because of a search on a search engine, looking for some information or inspiration.

This is why one of the most important things you can do when blogging is to think about what kind of relevant information you can add to the already crowded internet.

How can I find relevant content to blog about?

This is perhaps one of the most difficult things many artists struggle with. I know that I did.

I really struggled with this aspect of blogging. I was not sure what I should write about. So the first thing I did was some research on the internet. This is also the first step that everyone should take. Start to do some basic internet searches of topics or areas of art you are interested in blogging about. Then make a judgment call to see if you think the field or content is already overcrowded or not?

If you can find 10 blogs or articles that perfectly answer your question, then the question you asked has already been sufficiently answered. But on the other hand, if you find 10 blogs or articles, but they do not fully or accurately answer the question, this is probably something you could write about. An article like this would add relevant content to the internet.

The first thing I did, and what all bloggers must do, is some basic search engine research to see if there are any topics, content, or areas we can add relevant content to. We found on our search engine research from those topics or content, start brainstorming a list of things you think you can write or blog about. I came up with a list of about 30 to 35 different topics, content, or areas that I thought could be considered relevant.

After I came up with my list, I did a bit more research on the search engines. I did more research on the search engine because I wanted to be sure the topics I had brainstormed were actually relevant content.

Once you have done this research and have your list of relevant content to blog about, blogging is easy. Each time you sit down to write a blog, you can look at your list, pick a topic, and start to write your blog.

How often should I blog?

There is really no set time or how often you should blog, but the more you blog, the more chances you will have for your website to be found on search engines and for your blog.

Google will not automatically find your blog as soon as it is published. It can take months for Google and other search engines to really be able to find the blog on the search engines, so the more content you write, the more chances you will have that the search engines will show your blog on the first page of a search.

If you told yourself, I am a blogger, and blogging will be part of my art. If you wrote just 1 blog a week for a year, your website would have 52 blogs. Just with those 52 blogs, you will see a huge increase in the traffic coming to your website than if you had no blog at all.

But driving this traffic to your website with blogging will take time. Do not be discouraged or give up; instead, understand blogging needs to be a long term plan and goal.

How many words should my blogs be?

There is no set amount of words that your blog should be. There is some research that google likes blogs around 1,800 words. But blogs that are longer and blogs that are shorter have also done very well because of the relevant content they offer.

Your blogs can be anywhere from 1,200 to 3,000 words. You can mix it up with some that are less and some that are more. But make sure most of all that you are offering relevant content.

Should my blog include photos, images or videos?

I think all blogs should have some images, as an image can add a lot to a blog. Also, as an artist, showing a photo of some of your work,k even for the featured image on your blog, would help give you additional exposure.

If you are blogging about things like how to mix paint colors or another aspect of painting, having some additional photos and videos would also add a lot to your blog’s content.

Should my blog be part or separate from my website?

This was a question that I thought about when I started blogging. At first, I thought maybe the blog should have a cute name and be separate, but as I started to do additional research on this, I found that what mattered most was if you wanted a blog to drive traffic to your website, then the blog must be part of your website,

Many people will write a blog to help drive more people to their website and help with the SEO of the website itself. If that is the case, then your blog should definitely part of your website.

If you are serious about starting a blog on your website, we recommend looking for a program such as We have been a member of income school now for a few years, and they give some excellent advice about writing a blog and other aspects of blogging. You can find out more about them by clicking here.

Is Blogging Still Relevant?

The internet is about information, and blogging helps to add that relevant information to your website. Blogging is and will remain relevant as long as the search engines use words and content to decide how relevant websites are for their searches.

Besides helping with relevant content for the search engines, if you are trying to sell your art online, blogging will help to give you added exposure for your online business.

Do people still read blogs?

Many people still read blogs. I know that I do. When I search on google, I will look at what articles or blogs seem to answer my question, and then I will usually click and open that article to read it or read part of it.

I think most people do the same. When we want to find some relevant information, one of the first things we will probably do is an internet search. Blogs are now an important part of the relevant content of all internet searches.

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