5 Myths About Personal Branding For Artists

5 Myths About Personal Branding For Artists

For many artists, wonder why they should even bother with a personal brand. Others may feel like it is not important as they do not have time for a personal brand.

Having your own personal brand as an artist does matter. A brand will help you to properly tell your story to others. For any artist, it needs to be an essential part of their sales and marketing campaign. It should be the artist who is controlling the narrative of their brand.

Here are some of the basic 5 myths that we see as to why some artists feel like having their own personal brand does not matter.

Myth 1 – A Brand Does Not Matter

In today’s world of Facebook, Instagram, Zoom meetings and the internet having a personal brand not only matters but is an essential part of any business.

Consider these worldwide internet statistics from the company Statista:

  • 4.57 billion people on the internet – That is right, 4.57 billion, people are now on the internet and this continues to grow each day.
  • 59% of the world – Those 4.57 billion internet users, translates to about 59% of the world now using the internet.
  • China, India, and the United States lead – As far as internet users China, India and the United States lead the way. This means if you want to sell your artwork to the United States or any of these other places you must be on the internet.
  • 95% of all Europeans – Europe has the highest users for the internet per population. 95% of all Europeans are on the internet. So if you want to sell in Europe, you must also be active on the internet.

In very simple terms, to be active in any kind of marketing or sales you must be where the people are and today that is on the internet.

Your personal brand matters as an artist because not only do people want to see you or expect to see you on the internet, but they also expect you and your brand to be consistent.

Myth 2 – A Brand Will Lock Me In

Many artist feel to be creative, they do not want to have anything that will lock them in or make them feel like they are constrained or they need to stick to one thing. They feel like a brand will force them to stick to just one thing or one look.

The truth is that a personal brand will not constrain you. In fact, a personal brand just needs to show you and your personality. That is what people want to see. They want to see you, know you, and know who you are and what you stand for.

This is why you can set a name, do a logo and write an artistic statement. Tell people who you are. If they are going to buy your art from you they want to know a bit about you.

Here are some blogs on branding you can read about branding:

You can also go to our Business & Art category to see a lot more information on branding.

You need to look at branding as not a way to control you but a way that will help you to tell your story, tell who you are as an artist and why you do your artwork. A brand gives you a chance to be you and to show the world who you are.

Myth 3 – I am an Artist, I Don’t Have Time For this Kind of Stuff

Many artists feel like they are an artist so they really do not have a lot of time for this kind of branding stuff. They may feel like all they want to do is their artwork and nothing else. But branding is just part of marketing and sales. And you cannot effectively do any marketing or sales in today’s world without proper internet based branding.

An artist needs to look at their personal branding as an essential part of their selling their artwork. Just like maintaining a webpage is important, facebook page, or Instagram account. They may not all directly drive sales, but are all an essential part of marketing.

If I was looking to buy from an artist, the first thing I would do is get on the computer and start to do some google searches. I would check out the artist’s website, Instagram page, Facebook and even Pinterest. I would go on to their website and read their bio and find out a bit more about them.

If I see that this artist has not posted in 4 years, I would wonder what had happened. If I found their website to look very outdated I would also wonder. I would want to have a kind of consistency between all the sites and places I visited. This is why this kind of personal branding is so important for every artist. It helps people discover you and your art in ways they cannot discover it in any other way.

Myth 3 – I Can’t Control My Brand

You absolutely can control your brand and story. This is why it is important that you do control your brand and control your story. Since it is too important of a story for you to leave up to someone else to do. You want to be in control of this very important part of your artwork branding and you as an artist.

This is why it is important that you control your own story. You can hire people to help you with branding, social media, your website and other things. But you should be the one that is in the driver’s seat in telling your story and controlling your narrative. You want to make sure that your brand clearly speaks about who you are as an artist and tells the right branding story.

Myth 5- My Art Will Speak For Itself

Some artists feel that personal branding is not important to them as their art should speak for itself. Yes the art should speak for itself but branding will help to give your artwork an added voice and maybe even some clarity. It will help you to sell and market your art.

Without proper branding your art will only be artwork. But with branding it is the full package as it is your artwork, your branding identity and your personal story.

Having a.personal art brand should not be just a part of your sales and marketing, but it is as an essential part of your sales and marketing. In today’s world, having an personal art brand, it is a very important part of not just your art but also telling your story the way you want it to be told.

Do I Need To Have A Facebook Page?

Facebook continues to be one of the most important social media platforms in the world. This makes Facebook an important social media platform for everyone, including artists and their art brand.

The 7 reasons every artist should have a Facebook page is because 1) Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, 2) your competition will probably have a Facebook page, 3) with Facebook you can tell people about you, your art and your art brand, 4) you can build an art community, 5) it will help you with your search engine optimization, 6) gives you a way to have daily contact with potential customers and 7) it is free to use

Should I Be On Pinterest?

Pinterest is not as popular as Facebook but it is a great social media platform for Artists to consider when promoting their artwork and brand.

The reasons we like Pinterest for artists to promote their artwork and brand is because 1) it emphasizes visual content 2) acts as a search engine, 3) gives your art exposure, 4) popular with women, 5) a popular social media platform, 6) your pins can reach the world, 7) has younger educated users, 8) is an inspirational social media platform, 9) helps you to promote your art brand and 10) it is completely free to use.

You can read more about why we like Pinterest by reading our blog 10 Reasons Why Pinterest Is a Great Social Media Platform For Artists by clicking here.

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5 Myths About Personal Branding For Artists