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Pros and Cons of Selling Your Artwork on Fine Art America

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Fine Art America is a popular site where many artists sell artwork. I have had my artwork on Fine Art America for a while and have discovered some pros and cons of selling my artwork on the Fine Art America website.

One of the biggest pros of selling my art on Fine Art America is that it is easy to set up and free to use. They also have a large selection of artwork matt and framing options. One of the biggest cons is that you must work very hard to be noticed on the site and sell a lot to make real money. Here is my detailed review of Fine Art America and the pros and cons of putting your artwork on their site to sell.

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The Pros of Selling on Fine Art America Are:

No Front Costs

One of the biggest pros of selling on a site like Fine Art America is that you do not need to print, stock, or find a way to ship what you sell, as Fine Art America will do it all for you.

Having to stock, ship, or manage the orders is a huge cost for many businesses, so this is an added benefit that you do not have to have these upfront costs on Red Bubble.

This is an example of Fine Art where I sell some of my Arts
This is an example of Fine Art where I sell some of my Arts

Free To Join

Joining Fine Art America is 100% free. There are no yearly or monthly fees that you need to pay. So once you decide you want to sell your art on Fine Art America, all you need to do is upload the artwork to the Fine Art America site.

Easy to Set Up A Shop On Fine Art America

I found it very easy to set up a Fine Art America shop. All you need to do is sign up for an account and set up your shop. Once that is done, you can start to upload your artwork to get it sold.

Easy to Upload Your Art

I found it quite easy to upload my art onto their site. You do not need to spend much time figuring out how to upload the art, as it is quite easy. The main caution here is to make sure your photo is of a high resolution so that it can print clearly.

Huge Selection of Items to Print On

Fine Art America has a huge selection of items that you can have your art printed on. They print on everything from facemasks to blankets to pillow covers.

Has a Great Selection of Frames and Matting

I love all the frames and matting selections on Fine Art America. They have a program that allows you to see how a frame or matt will look with a specific print. I feel like this is one of the main advantages of Fine Art America, as they have a nice selection of prints and frames.

Site For Artists

More than other competitors such as Red Bubble, Fine Art America seem to be a place for some highly trained artists who are painting or photographing nice works of art. Because of that, they have some very active artist communities that you can join.

Can Set Your Profit

Like many of the other print-on-demand sites, Fine Art America will allow you to set your profit margin for what you are selling. The danger, of course, is if you set a price too high, you may not be competitive, and if you set a price too low, you will not make any money. The basic suggested profit on most items is about 20 to 25%.

The Cons of Selling on Fine Art America Are:

It Is Hard To Get Noticed

If you think you can sign up for Fine Art America and you will sell to all these random people, I do not see how that is the case. I have found it very hard to get my art noticed on Fine Art America, though it is easier than on some other sites like Red Bubble.

You Must Sell A Lot to Make Any Money.

I do not see a site like this as a site for you to make a full-time income through selling your art. I am sure there are a few artists who may do very well on a site like Fine Art America, but I feel like, for most artists, it is a way to supplement their income.

The Space is Crowded

The Fine Art America space is very crowded. Anyone can be there selling their artwork. There is a huge amount of competition to get noticed.

You Must Drive Traffic To Your Shop

In all my months on Fine Art America, I have not seen how being on Fine Art America has driven a lot of sales to my art or website. It is almost more like it is a printing platform that allows you to sell your art.

If you drive people to Fine Art America to buy your art, there is no guarantee that they will not turn around and buy from someone else. So you can spend a lot of effort getting people to go to Fine Art America but still not sell very much.

They Own The Customer Information

If a customer buys your art on Fine Art America, you do not know who they are. If you wanted to follow up with an email to try to sell more to them, you cannot do that, as Fine Art America owns all the customer information, even those who have purchased your artwork.

Some of my painting at Fine Art store
Some of my paintings at the Fine Art store

I will continue to put my artwork on Fine Art America. One of the major reasons why I will continue to do this is because of the many matt and frame options that they have. I find this to be one of the great advantages of their art website.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fine Art America

What is Fine Art America?

Fine Art America is an online marketplace for buying and selling fine art prints, canvas prints, framed prints, greeting cards, and other merchandise featuring original artwork by independent artists.

How does Fine Art America work?

Artists can upload their artwork to the Fine Art America website, set their prices, and choose which products their artwork is available on. Buyers can browse the website and purchase prints or other products featuring the artwork.

Is Fine Art America a reputable website?

Yes, Fine Art America is a reputable website that has been in operation since 2006 and has a large community of artists and buyers.

Can I sell my artwork on Fine Art America?

Yes, artists can sell their artwork on Fine Art America by creating an account and uploading it.

How much does it cost to sell my artwork on Fine Art America?

It is free to create an account on Fine Art America, but there are fees associated with selling artwork, such as a

Can I set my prices for my artwork on Fine Art America?

Yes, artists can set their prices for their artwork on Fine Art America.

How does Fine Art America handle shipping and returns?

Fine Art America handles shipping and returns for products purchased on its website. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products.

What types of artwork are available on Fine Art America?

Fine Art America features various artwork, including paintings, photographs, digital art, and mixed media.

Can I order custom sizes of artwork on Fine Art America?

Yes, Fine Art America offers custom sizing for many of its products, including prints and canvas prints.

What payment methods are accepted by Fine Art America?

Fine Art America accepts payment via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Selling On A Site Like Red Bubble?

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But with the pros, there are also some cons, such as you must be willing to promote yourself within and outside of the Red Bubble website to sell your products. And that the competition is very high, so working on getting noticed can be very difficult, and you do not know who has purchased your products.

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When selling your art to an art gallery, there are many pros and cons that you need to consider. One of the major pros is that the gallery usually helps you to market your artwork. A major con is that you usually lose control over who buys your artwork. An artist needs to weigh out if selling through an art gallery is what they want to sell their artwork.

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