Brand Your Art, Why Every Artist Needs A Brand Tagline

Brand Your Art, Why Every Artist Needs A Brand Tagline

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Many artists feel that they want just to paint or do their art. They do not want to be bothered with the business side of things. Though some artists have the luxury of having someone to help them with business, most do not.

A tagline is a short yet memorable phrase you can use throughout all your marketing. All artists should have a tagline as a part of their marketing campaign. The tagline should show your personality, be genuine, consider your customer’s needs and problems, and be memorable. Every artist can make a great tagline that they can use for their artistic brand.

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What Is A Tagline?

A tagline is best described as a short yet memorable phrase you can use throughout your marketing. It should convey who you are as an artist and what inspires you to produce your artwork.

It should be very easy for people to understand. This is why the tagline mustn’t be too cute or creative so no one knows your meaning or what you are talking about.

The best taglines become a cultural icon. Like Nike’s tagline of “Just Do it,” or McDonalds of “I’m lovin’ it.”

A tagline is an integral part of your marketing as it allows you to let people know what you are about in a few words or less. People want a general idea of how you can help them somehow.

How to Write a Great Artist’s Tagline?

One of the most important things you can do when writing a great artist tagline is to think about your audience and how they will react to the tagline. Most consumers do not want advertising or a selling cliche thrown in their faces.

People hate to have advertising thrown in their faces. This is just the nature of marketing these days. How often do you watch television when a commercial comes on, so you mute the television during the commercial? Or better yet you have a system that allows you to watch commercial-free TV?

This is the direction that advertising is going. People want to be in control of what information they get and how it is delivered to them.

David Anthony Childs said it best when he said:

“Lazy marketers use common cliches and sloppy, meaningless, or even misleading statements in building their brands. What many don’t realize is that the best and most memorable brands are presented in a way that is both undeniably honest and strongly marketable. The honest approach involves spending time discovering your company’s core value and understanding why people connect to it, then basing your marketing on these findings. The opposite approach is to figure out what kind of companies the public likes and then portraying yours as one of them, whether it’s true or not.” 

David anthony Childs

In other words, the best thing you can do with your branding and tagline is start from a position of honesty. Do not write something like “The best landscape painter of all time,” when everyone knows there are paintings in museums worldwide done by master painters.

In today’s AI-driven era, one innovative approach to crafting a tagline is to leverage AI tools. For instance, you can input your concepts into a program like Chat GPT and request it to generate multiple tagline options. This method is an excellent way to explore diverse possibilities and potentially find a tagline that resonates with your needs.

Tips for Writing a Tagline

5 Tips for Writing a Great Artist Tagline

There are many ways you can write a great tagline for your business. Here are five of our top tips and things to consider.

Show Your Personality –

A tagline should show people a bit about you and your personality. So much of art is about who you are as an artist. If your art is fun-loving, have a fun-loving tagline.

If your art is more serious, you may want to consider a more severe tagline. The tagline should match you as an artist and your art.

Be Genuine –

Make the tagline genuine. Do not try to say something you are not as people will quickly figure out and realize that you are just trying to sell them something you are not or have no intention of doing.

The Customer is the Hero –

Your customer is the hero of the story. This is not about you or your art as much as it is about the client you are trying to sell your art to.

Make this about the customer. A great example of this is Dropbox, whose tagline is “Your stuff, anywhere.” This is clearly not about Dropbox, but it is about the client that uses Dropbox.

Solve A Problem –

Tell the customer how you will help them solve a problem. Why do they need your art and not the art of another artist?

If you are an art supply website, instead of saying the old cliche of “one-stop-shop for artists,” you could say something like one of these:

  1. “From Brushes to Canvases: Your One-Stop Art Shop”
  2. “Crafting Your Masterpiece Starts Here: Brushes, Paints, Canvas & More”
  3. “Unleash Creativity: Premium Art Supplies for Every Artist”
  4. “Paint the Perfect Picture: Find Your Brushes, Paints, and Canvases with Us”
  5. “Art Essentials Covered: Quality Brushes, Vibrant Paints, Durable Canvases”
  6. “Where Art Begins: Brushes, Paints, Canvas, and Passion”
  7. “Your Palette of Possibilities: All the Art Supplies You Need”
  8. “Every Stroke Matters: Get Your Brushes, Paints, and Canvases Here”
  9. “The Artist’s Choice for Brushes, Paints, and Canvases”
  10. “Transforming Visions into Art: The Ultimate Supplies for Your Canvas”

Make it Memorable –

You want something that people will remember long after they have left your website, online shop, or retail store. You want them to remember you so they will come back.

Branding is a very important part of any artists business. Part of branding yourself as an artist is to have a tagline that tells people who are while at the same time being memorable.

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