8 Ways Technology Helps Contemporary Artists With Their Artwork

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Technology is one of those fantastic things we live in this 21st Century. When used correctly, technology can become a gift for every contemporary artist.

Technology can help us to become better artists while at the same time equalizing the artistic playing field. Technology opens doors of education and inspiration like never before. Technology allows artists to have a way to explore creative trial and error.

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Embracing the Digital Age: 8 Ways Technology Empowers Modern Artists

In the fast-paced digital era of the 21st century, technology stands out as a remarkable tool, especially for contemporary artists. When harnessed effectively, it can be a transformative asset, enhancing the artistic journey in numerous ways.

Technology not only aids in refining artistic skills but also levels the playing field, making art more accessible and democratic. It serves as a gateway to endless educational resources and sources of inspiration, allowing artists to experiment and explore with greater freedom and creativity.

This intersection of art and technology opens up new realms of possibility, redefining what it means to be a creator in today’s world.

Technology allows contemporary artists to reach out to their clients and audiences directly. The control of where, how, and whom you sell to is now in the hands of the artist and not a gallery or agent.

Artists can use technology to make their name and brand known like never before.Here are eight ways that technology can help a contemporary artist:

Technology Helps Make Us Better Artists

Technology can help us all to become better contemporary artists. It allows every contemporary artist to use technology for some interesting visual concepts.

Visual concepts such as photography, digital imaging, video, installation, and capture performances – to name a few, can be expressed through technology like never before.

Technology allows the artist to explore many technological tools to become an all-around contemporary artist.

Technology Can Equal The Artistic Playing Field

In some countries, people may have more computer access than art supplies. Because of this, technology helps to equalize the artistic playing field in many ways.

To be a successful or world-renown artist, you no longer need to live in a significant artistic city like Paris or New York. In fact, you can live in Africa, Asia, or any other part of the world and still successfully sell your art worldwide.

Of course, this also means that the worldwide artistic competition is much more challenging than maybe it has ever been before. For example, no longer are artists in New York just competing with artists in New York, but instead, they are now competing with artists worldwide.

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Technology Opens Education and Inspiration Doors For Artists

Technology can help open education and inspiration doors. If you do not have the money to attend a famous art school, you can learn much about art online. I have found some excellent instructions on YouTube.

If an artist needs some inspiration, they can go onto the Internet and look for inspiration from around the world. Their own surroundings or circumstances no longer limit an artist.

Technology opens doors for education and inspiration like never before. For a contemporary artist, the world is literally at the tip of your fingers through technology.

Technology Allows For Artistic Trial And Error

Technology gives an artist some beautiful tools to allow artistic trial and error. If used correctly, technology can become a huge timesaver.

This is one reason why I really love the Procreate app. I have found that the Procreate app can save me so much time while helping to improve my painting. If I am unsure which background to put on a painting, I photograph the painting, put the painting into Procreate, and start playing around with different background colors until I find one I like.

I no longer need to paint a background and then decide if I like it; if I do not, I have to paint the background again and again. The Procreate app saves me a lot of time with my paintings.

Technology Allows For Sharing Of Your Artwork

Technology allows artists to share and distribute their work online like never before. Social media, membership platforms, chats, blogs, websites, forums, and newsletters will enable an artist to establish a relationship with an audience.

Technology allows contemporary artists to bypass many former ways of sharing artwork by directly contacting the customer. This means that artists no longer have to be part of the upper 1% of artists to sell their artwork to make a living at art. You can start to sell your work online to everyone and anyone.

Technology allows the world to become your art gallery. Contemporary artists are no longer confined by where they live or their surroundings. A contemporary artist can live in the middle of nowhere and sell to major cities worldwide.

This worldwide artistic stage is a great advantage for contemporary artists today. Contemporary artists can gain world exposure as they have never before.

Sometimes I think about an artist like Vincent Van Gogh, who sold very few pieces of artwork in his lifetime yet is considered one of the world’s greatest artists. I wonder if Vincent Van Gogh had lived in our time how much different his experience would have been if he could have used technology as we can.

This is the power of technology in that the world can literally become your showroom or art gallery.

Technology Allows Direct Contact To Your Customers

Technology allows you to promote yourself without having to depend upon an intermediary or others to decide whether they will promote your artwork. This gives the contemporary artist a sense of real independence; you no longer need to depend on others to succeed.

In other words, you are in control as a contemporary artist. You do not need an agent or an art gallery to show or prompt your artwork.

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Genuine Value Exchange Between Artists and Clients

Technology allows for true value exchange between the artist and the client. You can post your artwork online and immediately find out the reaction from your audience.

You can also sell directly to the client through online platforms or your website. You can sell your art through an e-commerce platform or have another site help you sell it, such as Fine Art America or other websites.

Technology allows contemporary artists to be in control of their success or failure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does technology contribute to the creative process for contemporary artists?

Technology provides contemporary artists with tools and platforms that facilitate experimentation, allowing them to explore new ideas and techniques in their artwork.

In what ways does technology enhance the learning experience for artists?

Technology serves as an invaluable educational resource, offering online courses, tutorials, and virtual workshops that empower artists to refine their skills and stay updated on the latest artistic trends.

How does technology assist in equalizing opportunities for artists in the contemporary art scene?

Technology acts as a democratizing force, enabling artists from diverse backgrounds to showcase their work on digital platforms, thereby reducing traditional barriers to entry in the art world.

What role does technology play in preserving and archiving artistic work?

Technology aids in the preservation of art by offering digital archiving solutions, ensuring that contemporary artworks are documented, stored, and accessible for future generations.

How does technology empower artists to market and promote their work independently?

Technology provides artists with online galleries, social media platforms, and e-commerce tools, enabling them to reach a global audience, market their creations, and establish a direct connection with art enthusiasts.

Can you explain how technology encourages artistic innovation through experimentation?

Technology allows artists to engage in risk-free experimentation, providing digital tools for trial and error, helping them push the boundaries of their creativity without the fear of irreversible mistakes.

In what ways does technology facilitate the integration of traditional and digital artistic mediums?

Technology serves as a bridge between traditional and digital art, offering tools that enable artists to seamlessly combine various mediums, fostering a hybrid approach that expands the possibilities of artistic expression.

How does technology address challenges in art education and accessibility?

Technology enhances art education by providing online resources, virtual classrooms, and interactive learning experiences, making artistic instruction more accessible to a broader and more diverse audience.

Can you discuss the impact of technology on the art exhibition experience for both artists and viewers?

Technology transforms the art exhibition landscape by introducing virtual exhibitions, augmented reality installations, and interactive displays, offering artists new avenues to showcase their work and providing viewers with immersive and engaging art experiences.

How Can The Procreate App Help You Become a Better Oil Painter?

Procreate can help you set up palettes with color combinations and layout your painting before you paint it. I find it an essential tool to help me with my oil painting. Procreate can do a lot of things that you can do in Abode Photoshop. But Adobe Photoshop can take a lot of time to really master, and it is also quite expensive. The advantage of Procreate is that it is very user-friendly and ONLY USD 9.99 without any monthly or annual fees.

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How Can I Use Procreate to Layout My Oil Paintings?

Procreate is a really great computer app to help you plan and layout your oil paintings before putting them on your canvas.  Procreate will help save you time because you will not need to paint over your artistic mistakes.  You can also use Procreate as an online sketchbook or art journal.

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