Why Most Social Media Strategies Fail, 9 Reasons Why

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Many people ask themselves, why did my social media posting fail? Why didn’t I see any success or the results I was hoping for?

Social media strategies fail for many reasons, but one of the major reasons is that you have no social media strategy. Another reason is the content you post is boring or is not what your audience is looking for. Also, maybe your posting is not consistent, or you are not looking at the key indicators or the ROI.

Sometimes your social media strategy fails because you do not know your target audience or are on the wrong social media platform.

Here Are Some Of Our Top 9 Reasons Why Social Media Strategies Can Fail

No Social Media Strategy

One of the main reasons many people’s social strategies fail is because they have no strategy. Like anything else you do in life or business, especially if you are running an art business, you need to have some strategy for your social media.

A strategy is important when you are an independent artist, and you are working for yourself. I suggest setting aside one to two specific days a week to work on your social media.

Boring Social Media Content

Another reason your social media strategy may fail is that you are posting some boring social media content. You put things online that people are not really interested in.

I remember once a friend wrote how they had just gone to Target to buy something., I remember thinking, oh my goodness, I really do not care if they went to Target. This is a great example of someone writing about something so mundane that no one is really that interested.

Inconsistent Social Media Postings

The other is that you are posting inconsistently on social media. Maybe you post something today, but then you don’t post again for another six or eight months.

People who are most successful at social media also post relevant content. I have not only a strategy in place, but they’re also consistently posting.

If you can only post once a week, that’s OK, then post once a week. You do not have to post every day to be consistent. But whatever you choose, choose it and become consistent in your postings.

Not Understanding Your Audience

Another one we’ve already talked about – you do not understand your audience and what your audience wants. This goes together with posting boring contact. So it’s important that you understand your audience and what your audience is looking for with your social media.

If you are an artist, your audience is probably interested in learning more about your art or art in general. This makes it easier for you to focus on these things and be able to post relevant contact.

Not Being Social

Another problem is that you’re not really social on social media. So somebody comments, and you don’t answer back. Or somebody asks a question, and you don’t answer them.

Social media is about, as it says, being social. Being social means that you answer people or acknowledge them, or you answer back to them when they ask a comment, make a comment, or ask a question.

Hoping Social Media Will Run itself

The other thing is that we hope that our social media will just kind of run itself. We don’t really want to spend too much time with it, and we want our social media to sort of be able to run itself.

Social media does take time, but there are tools that you can use to help post for you, so you do not need to be on social media daily. Two of our favorite programs are the Tailwind app for Pinterest and Hootsuite’s for other social media accounts.

Not Looking at Key Metrics

Not looking at or really understanding the key metrics is another reason many people fail in social media. This can be difficult as it can take time to measure your key metrics from month to month or even week to week.

The good part is that a lot of the social media platforms will help you to be able to keep track of your key metrics, so you don’t need to. You really need to run some reports, look at them, compare them, and see what is working and what is not working with your social media strategy.

Failing to Understand ROI

The ROI or the return on investment is something that everyone should look at who is using social media for business. This is also one of the most difficult things to see with your social media platforms. It isn’t easy to measure your ROI because social media likes or engagement equals actual sales.

We look at our ROI for a couple of things, such as followers, views, impressions, and overall contact. This helps us to be able to see where we are successful and where we need to improve with our social media strategy.

On The Wrong Social Media Platform For Your Audience.

Many companies make an error that they are simply on the wrong social media platform for their audience. For example, we are not on TikTok. I know that TikTok is a trendy platform, but I do not see my targeted audience on the TikTok platform.

So one of the most important things that you can do with your social media strategy is to really make sure that you are investing in the platform of social media that is right for you and your audience.

For artists or other creative types, I have found that social media platforms as Pinterest and Instagram are great. We like these platforms because they are both visually driven, and as art is a visually driven field, this is a great way to show your art through these social media platforms.

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