Does An Artist Need A Logo?

Does An Artist Art Brand Need a Logo?

This is a question that many artists ask themselves. Do they really need to brand themselves as a business, including a logo?

Every Artist should have a logo to brand their art and art business. A great logo will give added attention to your artwork. A logo will show the world you are a professional artist as you have taken the time to design a logo. Your logo should have the right style, colors, and font to clearly give the message of you and your artwork.

In today’s digital age, having a logo is now easier than ever. This is why it is important that every serious artist brand has a logo.

One thing that many artists fail to understand is that running an art business is just like running any other business. Even if your business is only about your art, it does not mean that you can skip on the basic steps that every business needs to have such as branding and a logo.

Here are some reasons why we feel a logo is so important for any art business:

Shows You Are A Professional Artist

A logo for your art business shows the world that you are serious about your art business. In other words, your art is not just a hobby, but you are a professional artist.

Forces You to Think About Your Art Business

Also, to sit down and actually think about your logo it is a very good exercise in you having to think about your art business and your brand. Or in other words, what do you want to tell the world about your art through your logo?

Can Help Give Your Art Business Some Direction

A logo is usually just the start of you branding your art business. You will use your art brand logo on your website, name cards, social media accounts, and printed materials.

So much of the logo design is subjective. But, there are still a few things that you should remember whenever you are trying to decide about your art brand logo:

Here some things you need to consider to make a great art brand logo:

  • Attention Grabber – Does your logo help to grab attention to your art brand? You want people to be able to notice you and remember your art brand.
  • Great First Impression – You only have one time to make a strong first impression. This is also true about your logo. You want people to look at your logo and be able to understand what the logo is communicating to them about you and your art.
  • Memorable – A logo should be memorable. Something that will help to set you apart, so people will remember you and your brand. It should help to separate you from the competition.
  • Convey Who You Are – The most powerful logos help to convey to the audience who you are. If you love strong colors and paint with lots of bright colors, you may consider having a logo that is bold and bright, If you use a splash technique in your art, you may want to also have a logo that shows this technique. Your logo should show your customers, fans, and followers about you and your art.

Your Art Logo Design

Now that you understand why an art brand logo is important and also what makes a great logo, it is time to talk about some of the important design elements of a great logo.

Here are some things to consider when you are making your logo design:

Logo Style

Most good artists I know have a distinct style. And so they may already have in mind what kind of style they want for their logo.

This is where designing a brand logo can become really subjective. Some artist want something bright and bold, others may want something with a retro feel. There is no real right or wrong answer here. The correct style is the style that you want to portray your message.

The next question that an artist needs to ask is if they want a logo that has an image on it or do they want one that is all text? I happen to like all text logos, but that does not mean that is right for everyone.

There are many great logos out there that use an image or drawing of some kind. So for this question, there is no real right or wrong answer. The correct answer is that the image needs to be correct for you and your art brand.

If you are looking for some free vector images that you can use for your logo, we recommend Vector You can find out more about them by clicking here. Vector has a great assortment of vector images you can use for your logo at a reasonable price.

If you really do not want to do the logo design yourself and you want someone to help you we recommend 48 Hour Logo. You can find out more by them by clicking here. 48 Hours Logo will let you set up a contest for your logo and graphic artists from all over the world will submit work and bid on the project.


Color can say a lot about you and your brand. But this is also an area that many people overlook.

The reason why the colors you use are so important is the colors you choose for your logo will tell a lot about you and your brand. Your logo colors should be used throughout your entire art brand.

This means the colors you use on your logo should also be on parts of your webpage, name card, your social media marketing, and any printed materials. This will help to give your brand a unified look and feel.

I suggest that you save the color for your logo using the hexadecimal color value. A lot of websites like WordPress use hexadecimal colors. The hexadecimal color value is the color value that usually has a # before it. For example, the hexadecimal color for red is #FF0000.


Most logos will have some kind of font on them. Either the name will be in a font and/or the tagline. The font choice is important because like the color choices, you should try to keep the font consistent throughout your art branding.

When I am starting a brand, I first determine what fonts I will use and will try to keep those fonts consistent throughout my brand. Normally for each brand, I use about three to four fonts.

Here is some information on what kind of fonts I may use:

  • Artistic Fonts – I love a lot of the artist fonts but sometimes they are hard to read. So if you are going to use an artistic font make sure that the font is legible and can be read easily. You want people to be able to read your name or tag line.
  • Clean Font – it is always good to pick some nice clean fonts. These are fonts that are usually more modern looking but are generally very easy for most people to read. They usually also print well and translate well to your webpage and social media. Some of my favorite clean fonts are Playfair, Roboto, Loto, and Lora.

Every artist should have a logo. A great logo with the right colors, font and image will help your art brand to stand out and be recognized and in turn, can help you to gain fans and customers.

Do I Need An Art Brand Tagline?

Besides a logo, we also believe every art brand should have a brand tagline. An art brand tagline is a short yet memorable phrase that you can use throughout all your marketing. All artists should have a tagline as a part of their marketing and brand campaign. The brand tagline should show your personality, be genuine, take into account your customer’s needs and problems, and be something that is memorable.

You can find out more about why a brand tagline is important by reading our blog Brand Your Art, Why Every Artist Needs A Brand Tagline by clicking here.

What Are Some Steps To Help Me Brand My Art Business?

There are four steps that you can take to help you properly brand your art business. Each of these four steps will help you to not only define the goals for your business but also to understand who you are selling to. It will also help you to properly identify your customer base and what motivates them to buy your art, so that you will know how to more effectively market to them. And finally, having a proper brand will allow you to consistently market to your targeted customers in a way that will help to drive your sales.

You can find out more about this by reading our blog 4 Steps To Help You Properly Brand Your Art Business by clicking here.