Doctor Who’s "Exploding Tardis" By Vincent Van Gogh - Fact Or Fiction?

Doctor Who’s “Exploding Tardis” By Vincent Van Gogh – Fact Or Fiction?

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When you check on the Internet, many people ask questions about Exploding Tardis and whether or not it is an original Vincent Van Gogh painting. Many people seem to think that Vincent Van Gogh painted this painting.

The Exploding Tardis by Vincent Van Gogh is a fictional painting produced for the British television series Doctor Who. The painting is roughly based on Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, but Van Gogh did not paint the Exploding Tardis painting. The Doctor Who series and the Exploding Tardis painting are fictional.

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Vincent Van Gogh Did Not Paint The ”Exploding Tardis”

The Exploding Tardis By Vincent Van Gogh

Contrary to popular cultural belief, Vincent Van Gogh did not paint the Exploding Tardis painting in the Doctor Who series. The Exploding Tardis painting is also known as the Blue Box Exploding.

The Exploding Tardis was never an actual Van Gogh painting but instead is from the British TV series, Doctor Who.

In the Doctor Who series Doctor Who and his companion Amy Pond traveled through space and time in a time machine called the Tardis, hence the name Exploding Tardis. They were to travel back in time in the Tardis (that looks like a British Telephone box) to meet Vincent Van Gogh.

In Doctor Who Season 5, Doctor Who wanted to discover the Church of Auvers. The Church of Auvers is a painting Van Gogh painted in 1890 (The Church of Auvers painting now hangs in the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, France).

In the TV series, Vincent Van Gogh had visions of Doctor Who’s Tardis exploding; Vincent Van Gogh supposedly painted the Exploding Tardis painting.

The creators of the Doctor Who show said they picked going back in time to visit Vincent Van Gogh as he was one artist who never knew he would be famous or even be remembered for his artwork. Vincent Van Gogh sold very few paintings before his untimely death.

The Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Was Inspired By Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh

It can be unclear to some people whether or not Vincent van Gogh painted the Exploding Tardis painting because it is based upon one of Van Gogh’s more famous paintings, The Starry Night.

The Doctor Who show producers were very clever in using Van Gogh’s The Starry Night painting as an inspiration for the fictional Exploding Tardis painting.

Ways The Exploding Tardis is Inspired By Starry Night

Exploding Tardis By Vincent van Gogh
Exploding Tardis By Vincent van Gogh

Here are some of the ways the Exploding Tardis and The Starry Night paintings have similarities

Starry Night, 1889 By Vincent van Gogh
The Starry Night, 1889 By Vincent van Gogh
  • Choice Of Colors – We know that Van Gogh loved blues and yellows. Both of these paintings are rich in blues and yellows.
  • Swirls – The Starry Night painting has swirled for the stars and night sky. The fictional Exploding Tardis painting has some of the same kinds of swirls.
  • Buildings – The Doctor Who series tried to give the Exploding Tardis painting a Van Gogh feel in creating the buildings for the fictional painting. In particular, I can see some similarities in the windows of the buildings.
  • Limited Color Palette – The Starry Night painting had a limited color palette, as did the Exploding Tardis painting.

That is where the similarities between the two paintings begin and end. Besides the colors, swirls, and some of the buildings (in particular the window), the Exploding Tardis painting is nothing like a regular Van Gogh Painting.

First of all, it would have been too abstract for Van Gogh. Van Gogh was not an Abstract Artist; he was a Post-Impressionist. Paintings like Starry Nigh had some abstract elements to them, but he never painted anything that was as Abstract as the Doctor Who Exploding Tardis painting.

Adding to this confusion, the Exploding Tardis painting has exploded in pop culture popularity. You can buy an Exploding Tardis reproduction painting, a jigsaw puzzle, a cup, or even wallpaper. The painting is so famous there are even some licensing programs for it.

Many contemporary artists have created their versions of the Exploding Tardis. Many of these same artists continue to sell their understanding of the painting.

The Exploding Tardis has been so popular that many people will get an ”Exploding Tardis” tattoo.

Even though Vincent Van Gogh did not paint the Exploding Targis painting, I think he would have been pleased that his artwork as The Starry Night had been so widely accepted that a pop culture television show would want to try to imitate his artistic style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Exploding Tardis painting a genuine work by Vincent Van Gogh?

No, the Exploding Tardis painting is not an authentic work by Vincent Van Gogh. It was created as a fictional piece for the television series Doctor Who.

Did Vincent Van Gogh really paint the Exploding Tardis, or is it just a prop for the show?

The Exploding Tardis is solely a creation for Doctor Who and was not painted by Vincent Van Gogh. It serves as a plot element in the show rather than being a genuine artwork.

Is the Exploding Tardis painting inspired by any real Van Gogh artwork?

Yes, the Exploding Tardis is loosely based on Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. The show’s creators drew inspiration from Van Gogh’s iconic style for this fictional piece.

Is there any significance to the Exploding Tardis in the Doctor Who series?

Yes, the Exploding Tardis holds significance within the Doctor Who narrative. It plays a key role in certain story arcs, serving as a mysterious and symbolic element in the series.

Can I buy a print or reproduction of the Exploding Tardis painting?

Yes, various prints and reproductions of the Exploding Tardis are available for purchase as official Doctor Who merchandise. However, these are reproductions created for fans and not original artworks by Van Gogh.

Did Van Gogh ever paint anything related to Doctor Who, or is this a unique collaboration?

Vincent Van Gogh never painted anything related to Doctor Who. The Exploding Tardis is a unique creation for the show, blending elements of Van Gogh’s style with the sci-fi theme of the series.

Are there other artworks by famous artists featured in Doctor Who?

While Doctor Who occasionally incorporates artistic elements, the Exploding Tardis is one of the more notable instances. The show often draws inspiration from various historical and cultural references.

What episode of Doctor Who features the Exploding Tardis painting?

The Exploding Tardis is prominently featured in the episode titled “The Pandorica Opens,” which is part of the fifth series of Doctor Who. It originally aired in 2010.

Did the real Starry Night painting influence the creation of the Exploding Tardis?

Yes, the real Starry Night painting by Van Gogh served as a significant inspiration for the design of the Exploding Tardis. The show’s creators sought to capture the essence of Van Gogh’s style in this fictional piece.

Is there any deeper meaning to the Exploding Tardis in the context of Doctor Who?

The Exploding Tardis carries symbolic and narrative significance within the Doctor Who universe. It represents a convergence of art, time travel, and the complex storyline of the series, providing a visually striking element for fans to explore.

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