How Does Art Benefit Human Society?

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I received an email from someone who had read my blog, and they told me that they were a medical student, but they wanted to learn more about art. I was pleased to hear this because knowledge of art and art history can help to benefit everyone.

There are many ways that art can help to benefit human society. Art can help your cognitive ability and your brain. Throughout the ages, art has helped change opinions and perspectives. Art also helps us understand more about the history and what it was like to live in times past.

Art Is Good For The Brain

There’s new research that shows that art helps the brain. A lot happens to our body and mind when we create art or when we view art. That is why art is used today as a therapeutic or rehabilitation medicine.

In rehabilitation medicine, art and, in particular, creating art can help benefit the brain, especially the recovery of brain injuries or strokes.

Here are some ways that art positively affects the brain:

  • Reduces Stress – Producing art or art therapy can help lower cortisol levels. So no matter what your skill it is in art it has been shown to help to reduce your stress and improve your brain health
  • Helps Focus – When people are producing art they get what is called in the zone or a flow state. So creating art helps you be more present and will help to increase your attention and even pleasure.
  • Help You Process Emotions – Connecting with art can help people to be able to decrease anxiety and to build up coping skills to be able to better process their emotions. Art can be a way for people to be able to express their emotions especiallya traumatic event. This is why many times art can be used in a criminal case when children have seen something traumatic and they are asked to draw their emotions.
  • Gives ClarityArt can help you to be able to give clarity or to be able to imagine a more hopeful or brighter future. Creating art allows you to make a decision when you interpret an image. When people have a hard time facing the future, art can give them clarity and hope.
  • Foster Communication – Throughout the ages art is a way to communicate something. Art can help to foster expression and to communicate thoughts and ideas.

Art can be good for our brains and help us ensure we have a healthy brain. In other words, art can help ensure we have the cognitive ability necessary and good mental health.

Art Helps Change Opinions

For centuries art has been used as a way to change public opinion. Many artists created their art as a political statement.

An example of art movements influenced by politics was during and after World War I. In Europe, many artists became disillusioned with the war and government. World War I affected their art and worldviews.

You can read more about this by reading the blog. Why did new art movements develop in the years following World War I?

Another example of war changing art and public opinion is after World War I in Europe, the art world’s headquarters changed from Paris to New York City. That is a change that is still relevant for artists today.

Art Elevates Our Historical Understanding

Art can help us to elevate our historical understanding. Most art is also about history. Through the eyes of the artists, we can walk through the eyes of history.

The world’s most famous and expensive painting is Leonardo da Vinci’s, Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa’s home is in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous paintings and is one of the most viewed paintings in the world.

Leonardo da Vinci has given us some insights into history through the Mona Lisa painting. We learned a bit about the clothing and the hairstyles of the women during that time. We have a view into history by looking at the background landscape.

Leonardo da Vinci also created a new technique for the Mona Lisa called the “sfumato” technique, which translates into without the lines but a blending technique. It was typical that the artist would use an outline in their paintings, but Leonardo da Vinci did not use the outlines but used different hues to create an allusion of the light or shadows.

For centuries people have argued whether or not the smile of Mona Lisa is a happy smile, a crooked smile, or a sad smile. Her facial expressions also give a positive puzzling quality and make the viewer ask if the model was happy or sad. The truth is we don’t know.

Paintings like the Mona Lisa cause us to think and also give us a glimpse of history. We can conjecture what Leonardo da Vinci meant when he painted the painting. We may all have our point of view. No matter what our point of view, paintings like the Mona Lisa help give us a glimpse into the history and lives of people who once lived on the earth; this is the historical magic of art.

Art greatly benefits human society. Anyone can benefit from either creating art or viewing art. Just being immersed in any of the arts can help us to become better human beings.

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