The Enchantment Of Hawaiian Quilts - Hawaiian Art Explored

The Enchantment Of Hawaiian Quilts: Hawaiian Art Explored

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Hawaii continues to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The island is a vibrant, beach-filled paradise offering tremendous Hawaiian art and art forms.

One art form that most people can not help but notice while on the island is the Hawaiian art of Hawaiian quilts. Hawaii has been producing these unique quilts since the early 19th century. But like most Hawaiian things, these Hawaiian women artisans learned to use their previous knowledge from making Kapa clothes to help them produce a unique quilting art form, which we know today as Hawaiian quilts.

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The Enchantment of Hawaiian Quilts: A Cultural Tapestry

They say to truly understand a place, you need to understand its culture and arts. When I studied for a master’s in Anthropology, one thing we studied to learn about other cultures and places was their unique art forms.

The Hawaiian quilts are an art form unique to the Hawaiian islands.

Exploring The Islands through Quilted Art

The Hawaiian Islands are not just a paradise for beach lovers and adventure seekers but also a vibrant canvas displaying unique cultural art forms. The traditional Hawaiian quilt is a distinctive expression of the island’s rich heritage.

This intricate art form weaves together the Hawaiian people’s history, creativity, and spirit, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the island’s soul.

Origins Of The Hawaiian Quilting Art

The journey of Hawaiian quilts began long before the arrival of fabrics introduced by Westerners. Hawaiian women were adept at creating kapa, a bark cloth derived from the wauke plant. Kapa is intricately decorated with natural dyes and geometric patterns, serving both functional and ceremonial purposes.

However, the 1820s brought a significant cultural exchange as missionary wives introduced the art of quilting to Hawaiian women, marking a departure from kapa making to embracing new textile opportunities.

Hawaiian quilting evolved as a unique blend of introduced techniques and indigenous creativity. Initially exposed to patchwork quilting, Hawaiian women found cutting and reassembling fabric pieces puzzling. This led them to innovate and infuse their traditional artistic sensibilities into their quilts, giving birth to a distinctly Hawaiian art form.

The Birth Of The Hawaiian Appliqué Quilt

A tale is often recounted within the quilting community about a Hawaiian woman who was inspired to cut out the design upon observing the shadow of a breadfruit tree on a piece of fabric. This method of folding the fabric into quarters, then cutting to reveal a radially symmetrical pattern, became the cornerstone of Hawaiian appliqué quilting.

This technique quickly spread across the islands, with quilters drawing inspiration from their natural surroundings to create designs that captured the essence of Hawaiian flora and landscapes. They are using this inspiration and an applique method to make their quilt.s

Color And Symmetry: The Hallmarks Of Hawaiian Quilts

Hawaiian quilts are known for striking color contrasts, typically featuring bold appliquéd patterns on a lighter background. Red, green, and yellow are among the most popular colors against pristine whites.

The quilts embody a remarkable balance and symmetry, reflecting the quilters’ deep understanding of artistic principles and their innate talent for creating visually harmonious pieces.

Folding the fabric, often in eighths, and then cutting it results in designs that resemble intricate snowflakes. Echo stitching around the appliquéd patterns adds depth and texture, with the repeating rows mirroring the ocean waves’ ebb and flow surrounding the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaiian Quilts As Keepers Of Culture And History

Beyond their beauty, Hawaiian quilts are rich in cultural significance. They have played a role in preserving Hawaiian history and identity, especially during periods of political upheaval.

For instance, following the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, quilters began incorporating symbols of the Hawaiian flag and royalty into their designs as a form of silent protest and preservation of national pride.

Some quilts were even reversible, hiding the symbolic Hawaiian flag beneath traditional patterns, showcasing the quilts’ role in political expression.

Places For Discovering Hawaiian Quilts In Hawaii

For those visiting the Hawaiian Islands, exploring the art of Hawaiian quilting offers a unique cultural immersion. Various museums across the islands house exquisite collections of these quilts, providing insights into the tradition and creativity of Hawaiian quilters.

Discovering Hawaiian Quilts On The Island Of Oahu

To see some traditional Hawaiin quilts on the island of Oahu, you can go to the following museums:

Mission House Museum

Mission House Museum
Mission House Museum

The Mission House Museum gives an excellent overview of Hawaiian history, including the missionaries who came to Hawaii. To find out more about this incredible historic site and museum, click here.

Bishop Arts Museum

Bishop Arts Museum
Bishop Arts Museum

The Bishop Art Museum is great for learning about Hawaiian culture, history, and art. You can learn more about this museum by clicking here.

Honolulu Museum Of Art (HoMA)

Honolulu Museum Of Art (HoMA)
Honolulu Museum Of Art (HoMA)

This is a great museum to visit to get an idea of Hawaiian art. To find out more about how to visit the HoMA, click here to go to their website.

Discovering Hawaiian Quilts On The Island Of Kauaʻi

If you are visiting the island of Kaua’i, you can still see Hawaiian quilts at this museum:

Museum on Kauaʻi

The Garden Island by Guthrie Scrimgeour is one of the quilt art in the Museum on Kauaʻi
The Garden Island by Guthrie Scrimgeour is one of the quilt art in the Museum on Kauaʻi

The Garden Island by Guthrie Scrimgeour is one of the quilt art in Museum on Kauaʻi
The Garden Island by Guthrie Scrimgeour is one of the quilt art in the Museum on Kauaʻi

The Museum on Kauaʻi is an excellent boutique museum. It offers some weekly classes and also allows you to take a virtual tour if you can not visit in person. Click here to learn more about the Museum on Kauaʻi.

Discovering Hawaiian Quilts On The Island Of Hawaiʻi

Though the island of Hawai’i does not have a museum that has the quilts, if you happen to be staying there, here is where you can see some Hawaiian quilts:

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Quilt Art in Mauna Kea Beach Hotel
Quilt Art in Mauna Kea Beach Hotel
Quilt Art in Mauna Kea Beach Hotel
Quilt Art in Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel has an impressive Hawaiian quilt collection specially commissioned for the hotel. To learn more about the hotel, particularly its art collections and culture programs, click here.

Hawaiian Quilting – A Living Tradition And Art

Hawaiian quilts are more than just art; they are a living testament to the islands’ history, culture, and the enduring spirit of its people. As visitors explore the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, taking the time to appreciate the intricate art of Hawaiian quilting adds a rich layer of understanding to their experience, connecting them to the heart and soul of Hawaii.

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