Why Do People Say, ”Life Is Like Drawing Without An Eraser?

There is a saying that life is equated to art. Life is like an artist trying to draw without an eraser to correct mistakes.

When an artist draws something by mistake, the artist can use an eraser and erase their mistakes. But in life, when we make a mistake, we can not erase those mistakes; we can use our mistakes as an opportunity to learn, grow and change our lives.

An Artist And Their Erasers

Anyone who draws anything will make mistakes. Artists depend upon the eraser to help them get rid of or erase the mistakes on the paper so they can start again or correct them.

Often, artists, myself included, will use an eraser to remove any marks or measurements we may have made on a paper to measure out and organize the drawings or artwork on their canvas or paper. For most artists having a good eraser is essential.

Here are some ways that many artists use their erasers:

  • Eraser Off Mistakes – One of the common reasons to use an eraser is that an artist will erase any mistakes they have made.
  • Removing Pencil Marks – Sometimes, the drawing is not a mistake, but the artist wants to remove it or the pencil mark from their artwork so that they will use an eraser. This is especially true for watercolor artists who may have sketched the artwork design on paper.
  • Removing Lines Or Other Marks – There could be lines or other marks on the artwork that the artist wants to remove, or they could be showing through, so the artist uses an eraser to remove them.

An eraser is usually an essential part of any artist kit or bag. Most artists, myself included, may have several types of erasers, including rubber erasers, art gum erasers, or kneadable erasers.

Artists depend upon their erasers for many reasons, mainly to help them perfect their artwork or correct mistakes or lines they do not need.

Life Is Like Drawing Without An Eraser

Our life and the life we are living is not as easy as taking an eraser and just removing parts of our life. When we make mistakes in life, we learn from them; in a sense, they stay a part of us and who we are.

Even the bad mistakes in our lives are things we can learn from and use to perfect our lives and improve. Our mistakes can help to give us opportunities.

Our Mistakes In Life Gives Us Opportunities To Grow

”Life is like drawing but without an eraser,” tells us that life gives us opportunities to learn and grow, which usually comes from our mistakes. We cannot take an eraser and erase those mistakes and pretend they did not happen, but those mistakes usually stay with us.

It is not always bad for our mistakes to stay with us, especially if we can take those mistakes and see them as a chance for us to learn and grow. Our mistakes can give us opportunities to grow in life.

Neil Gaiman said it best when he said this about our mistakes in life and how they can help us grow and learn, and why we do not want to erase them.

“If you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You are doing things you have never done before, and more importantly, you are doing something.”

Neil Gaiman

Here are some ways our mistakes in life can give us opportunities to grow and why we may not want to take an eraser to erase them all away.

Our Mistakes Can Help Us Grow

Growth comes in life when we do hard things; when we do hard things in life, we sometimes make mistakes. Making mistakes can and should be a learning process for us to improve our lives and become better.

Mistakes are part of life. We will all make mistakes, but the wise man or woman will then take those mistakes, learn from them and see them as a chance to grow.

Mistakes Can Get Us On The Right Track

Our mistakes can be used as a conduit to help to get us back on the right track in life. Sometimes in life, it may take a failure for us to get back on track and do what we should be doing.

We view mistakes as negatives, so we want to take that eraser and get them out of our lives as if they never happened. But a wise person will realize that our mistakes can be a guide to help us move forward in the right direction.

Our Mistakes Can Help Us Face Fears

There can be scary things that we must do in life. Maybe we are afraid to fail, so we decide we will never even try as we may fail at what we are doing.

But the truth is that not being afraid to fail or make a mistake can help us to face our fears and allow us to grow. Usually, in the progress of discovering this, we may discover that our fear of failure was not as bad as we thought it was; instead, it helped us grow and learn.

Mistakes Inspire Our Creativity

The one thing that any artist will tell you is that they usually have a lot more paintings or works of art they may consider failures than successes. Art, like life, is a process, and there will be failures.

As we learn from our mistakes, a mistake can also force us to explore alternatives. Those alternatives can, in turn, lead to great things and outstanding achievements.

Life is and should be like drawing without an eraser. We should want to embrace any mistakes we may have made and learn from them. We should strive to be better and be even more creative because of our mistakes. We should not take an eraser to try to forget our mistakes ever happened but instead learn and grow from our mistakes.

That is why “Life Is Like Drawing Without An Eraser” – Is how life should be lived.

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Why Do People Say, ”Life Is Like Drawing Without An Eraser