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In The Peruvian Mountains, By Anita Louise Hummel, An Andean Woman

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I love to paint women. Especially women from other parts of the world in their traditional clothing.

In the Peruvian Mountains, by Anita Louise Hummel, is an original oil painting. The oil painting is of an Andean woman who lives up in the mountains of Peru. I painted her with bright and cheerful colors as I felt that she would want to wear these bright colors. I have added a touch of gold leafing on her hat.

The Inspiration – In the Peruvian Mountains By Anita Louise Hummel

Lifeway up in the Peruvian mountains is not always easy for the Andean Women. Many of them live in communities that are missing many necessities like running water; many of them are still living as their ancestors have for centuries.

Yet every day, these women get out and go to work. Either they are working in the fields for their families or working to help their communities.

These women love to weave brightly colored clothing. Many women consider weaving their own clothing to be a luxury, something they enjoy and want to do.

I also love how these women wear hats. I find their hats to be such a fascinating part of their wardrobe.

For these Andean women, their life in many ways is simple; their families, farms, and community are what is important to them.

This painting of an Andean woman in the Peruvian Mountains is an honor of these hardworking and dedicated women.

Andean Woman from Peru with hat
In The Peruvian Mountains, By Anita Louise Hummel, An Andean Woman From Peru,

About The Painting – In the Peruvian Mountains By Anita Louise Hummel

In The Peruvian Mountain’s oil painting of an Andrean Woman from Peru is painted in bright and cheerful colors. I love for a painting to be cheerful or for the art to be #ArtThatMakesYouSmile.

 I am a great believer that art and happiness should go hand-in-hand and that art should show the world about happiness and the great and wonderful world that we live in.

Here are a few points about the In The Peruvian Mountains (an Andrean woman):

  • Bright pink: As these Andrean women love and appreciate brightly colored clothing, I added some really bright pink colors.
  • Yellow – I painted the background yellow as I felt like it worked well against the other colors on the painting. I have to admit that the color yellow is my favorite background color, and I use it a lot.
  • Blue Eyes – I like to paint a lot of blue eyes. I use a deep indigo blue color to paint the eyes.
  • Gold leafing  – Like many of my other paintings, I like to use gold and silver leaf. This painting has some gold leafing around the band of her hat.

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If you have any questions or comments about In The Peruvian Mountains painting, or you want to have a conversation, feel free to contact me, the artist, Anita Louise Hummel, by clicking here. We would love to have you be part of our community and sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

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