Is An Apple Pencil Worth The Money? 

If you want to use your iPad to draw or write, you may wonder if the Apple Pencil is worth the money.

The Apple Pencil is worth the money, especially if you want to draw, sketch, or take notes with your Apple IPad. All the Apple apps are set up to be used with the Apple system and the original Apple Pencil. That is why we recommend you invest in the Apple pencil.

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An Apple Pencil Is Worth The Money

If you want to use your iPad for drawing, sketching, and note-taking, then investing in the Apple Pencil is worth the money. The reason is that most iPad programs are made to work well with the Apple Pencil.

The beauty of the Apple Pencil is that the pencil is intuitive and precise. It allows you to sketch and illustrate with greater precision than other pencils. Simply put, programs designed to be used on the IPadintendedigned to be used with the Apple pencil and not differentother pencils.

Suppose you decide to use another pencil beside the Apple pencil. In that case, you may lose some of the intuitiveness and precision that the Apple Pencil can offer when used with other Apple-based programs.

I have an Apple Pencil that I have used for several years. I got a new IPad Pro and am still using my older pencil for the new IPad Pro. So an Apple Pencil can last long if you take good care of it or do not lose it.

The primary ways that people destroy Apple pencils are with physical damage or damaging the battery. If you take care of your pencil and try to charge it at least monthly, the pencil should last for a long time.

I do not leave my pencil on top of my iPad a lot as I have found it can tend to fall off more than like, so I keep my pencil in a pocket in my iPad case.

Two Programs We Believe Apple Pencils Are Necessary To Use

We believe you must invest in an Apple Pencil if you use your iPad for any design work. The reason is that all the iPad design programs are used with an Apple Pencil and not another pencil.

Here are two programs we use for design and why we believe using an Apple Pencil is necessary.

The Procreate App Should Use An Apple Pencil

If you want to do anything with the Procreate app made for the Apple IPad, you should use it with an Apple Pencil. The reason is that the Apple Pencil is made for this app, and you will have more precision drawings and a better experience using the Apple pencils with the Procreate App.

Procreate says its program will support the Logitech Crayon, but unlike the Apple Pencil, it does not register pressure sensitivity the same as the Apple Pencil. So if you want to use the Procreate App to do any serious drawing or other types of artwork, you would be better off using an Apple Pencil with the Procreate App as it is fully supported for the app and will ensure you can do everything you need to do with the Procreate App.

The Shapr 3D Modeling App Should Use An Apple P.encil

Another design program we use on our IPad is the Shapr 3D modeling app. Like the Procreate App, this app was specifically designed to be used with an IPad and Apple Pencil.

Some new versions of the app can use a computer or other windows technology, but the Apple Pencil and the IPad are still considered the best ways to use the Shapr 3D program. Shapr 3D even mentions on its website that the Apple Pencil is the best styling device to use with its app.

If you want to do any art or 3D modeling with your IPad, you should invest in an Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil will last you for some time, and if you keep it safe and do not damage it, you can use it for years to come.

The Apple Pencil functions with the Apple IPad, making it a necessary investment and the best choice when using design or art programs with the Apple IPad.

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