Pirates Of The Gobi, By Anita Louise Hummel (2020)

When I traveled to Mongolia and stayed a night with a nomadic family in a Ger (Yurt) in the Gobi desert, the one thing I wanted to do was to ride a camel. The nomadic family that we stayed with had a herd of camels.

Pirates of the Gobi by Anita Louise Hummel is an original oil painting inspired by an actual camel that our Mongolian nomadic family had in their herd of camels. I was fascinated by all the camels that they had and wanted to paint this camel.

One of my Instagram followers suggested that I paint the camel as a pirate; I loved the idea and decided to paint the came as the pirate of the Gobi desert.

Pirates of the Gobi by Anita Louise Hummel

The Inspiration – Pirates Of The Gobi, By Anita Louise Hummel

In 2019 I traveled to Mongolia; as part of my trip, I went to the Gobi desert, and I stayed in a ger or a yurt n the camp of a nomadic family. As part of our trip, we rode camels into the Gobi desert.

The nomadic family that we stayed with had quite a large herd of camels. I sat outside of my ger, and I watched for hours with fascination how they would round up the camel herds and bring them home.

This camel that I painted was one of my favorite camels. I just really liked his coloring and how he looked.

When I first got the picture of the camel, I sent it around and asked people what they thought. I decided to put it on my Instagram page, and I asked my followers how they would paint this camel or what they would do? I first thought of doing some normal things like sunglasses, a scarf, or a fun hat. But someone suggested a pirate.

I thought, what a fabulous idea to paint the camel as a pirate. So that is how this painting, the Pirates of the Gobi, came to be. It was from one of my followers on Instagram that suggested the idea.

This is now actually one of my favorite paintings. I really love the Pirate’s hat and the eyepatch; I feel like it adds so much to the entire painting. Somehow I think that Johnny Depp, who played the Pirate in the Pirates of the Caribbean, would be proud.

When people ask me what inspired me to paint this painting, the Pirates of the Gobi, I need to say that it was a camel that I actually saw in the Mongolia Gobi desert. It was one of my Instagram followers who suggested I paint the camel as a pirate.

Pirates of the Gobi by Anita Louise Hummel

About The Painting – Pirates of the Gobi, By Anita Louise Hummel

Like a lot of my paintings, I like to use bold, strong colors. This painting of the Pirates of Gobi is no exception. I wanted it to have some bold yet strong colors.

Here are some points about the Pirates of the Gobi painting:

  • The Camel – The camel is actually a camel that someone else in my group rode on through the Gobi desert. This painting is from a photo that I took of this camel in the Gobi desert.
  • Pirates Hat – The Pirates hat is the pirates hat which is very similar to the blockbuster movie Pirates of the Caribbean hat. I really like the hat and I love the red scarf that hangs down with that hat. I really appreciate the bold colors between the red and the black and the white trim on the hat.
  • Eye Patch – You cannot really have a pirate without having some kind of eyepatch. So I added an eyepatch to his outfit because every pirate that you see in the movies usually has an eyepatch.

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