Paint Picture of Claude Debussy and Claude Monet

Similarities Of Claude Debussy And Claude Monet

Claude Debussy and Claude Monet are both artists; one is a composer, and the other is a painter. But even though they have different mediums, we can draw some similarities between them and their artistic work.

Claude Debussy is a musical composer. Claude Monet is an artist. They are both considered Impressionists and were not afraid to break from the tradition of their day to create something new. Both Debussy and Monet have greatly influenced many artists that went after them.

Claude Debussy Vs. Claude Monet

It is not easy to compare Claude Debussy, a composer, with Claude Monet, an artist. But when you look closely at both of them and their lives, you can find some of the same similarities between their music composition and their art creation.

Similarities Between Claude Debussy and Claude Monet:

Debussy and Monet Lived During Same Period In France

Claude Debussy and Claude Monet are both French and lived about the same period. Debussy was born in 1862 and died in 1918, while Claude Monet was born in 1840 and died in 1926. They both lived in France for about the same time, so that they would have had some similar influences for the period they lived.

Debussy and Monet – Both Impressionist

Debussy is often seen as the first Impressionist composer, even though he rejected that term throughout his life. He was one of the more influential composers in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century.

Sunrise by Claude Monet
Impression, Sunrise (Impression, Soleil levant), 1872; the painting that gave its name to the style and artistic movement by Claude Monet

Monet is considered one of the most important Impressionist painters of all time. Impressionism, Sunrise or Soleil Levant, is where Impressionism came from. For his entire life, Monet was an advocate for Impressionism painting.

Debussy and Monet Broke From Traditions

Both Claude Debussy and Claude Monet were not afraid to break from the tradition of the time in which they were living. They were both willing to experiment and try something new.

Claude Debussy created a highly original system of harmony and musical structure. He did not believe in the stereotypical harmonic procedures of the 19th Century. He broke from the traditional form of music during his time.

Claude Monet also created works of art different from the traditional works of art produced during his time. He worked en Plein air and had short, broad brush strokes. He also believes in the changing light and its effect upon color.

Debussy and Monet Went Bold and Big With Change

Both Debussy and Monet were not afraid to go bold with their work. Their work challenged the artistic norms of the day.

Debussy challenged how instruments were traditionally used in the orchestra. He rejected that string instruments should be mainly lyrical; he wrote music to show a new way of using string instruments, the woodwind, and brass. Each instrument almost became a soloist.

Debussy also changed how the piano was used in composition; he was not afraid to change things up and go bold and big when needed.

Claude Monet was very much the same. He was not afraid to use bold and bright colors. He changed how brush strokes were traditionally done on the canvas. It was like Monet was flirting with us on the canvas as his main objective was to capture the changing light on the canvas. For Monet, the light and capturing the light was central to him and his paintings.

Both Claude Debussy and Claude Monet had a direction and purpose, and they did not deviate from it. They were not afraid of making a bold change, whether in music or art.

Debussy and Monet Influenced Other Artists

Both Claude Debussy and Claude Monet influenced artists that went after them.

Debussy’s music has influenced almost every prominent composer of the 20th Century. In particular composers as Maurice Ravel, Igor Stravinsky, Olivier Messiaen, Bella Bartok, Pierre Boulez, Henri Dutilleux, Ned Rorem, and George Gershwin to name a few. Debussy’s reach has been felt throughout music for decades.

Monet’s influence has also been felt throughout the artwork. Painters like Vincent Van Gogh were influenced by his form and scale. And other Abstract Expressionism painters as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. Andy Warhol also reflected on how Claude Monet influenced their artwork.

Both of these great artists continue to influence artists today

Claude Debussy and Claude Monet are two great artists who lived during the same time in France. Each of them has uniquely influenced their art. We are grateful for them and the legacy they have left us of their artistic endeavors.

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