Why Vincent Van Gogh Was Not Appreciated During His Lifetime?

Vincent Van Gogh Mark Making Techniques, Drawing Media Influences On Art

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An artist’s use of materials can directly influence their style of painting. This was particularly true with Vincent Van Gogh and his unique painting style.

Vincent Van Gogh used fascinating mark-marking techniques to use materials for his drawings and other media. Van Gogh used pencils, pens, ink, and paints. He also had unique brushstrokes in how he executed his painting. Japanese woodblock prints and Japanese art influenced Van Gogh.

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Vincent Van Gogh’s Choice Of Drawing Media Choices In His Art

Vincent van Gogh’s art materials help to influence his overall artistic style and his paintings. Everything from how he approached his drawing to his actual painting.

Here are some drawing media he used for his artistic work.

Van Gogh’s Use Of Pencils

Vincent van Gogh used pencils as a way to draw. He would then combine the pencils with ink.

The pencil that Van Gogh used was known as a carpenter pencil. A carpenter pencil is a pencil that has a body with a rectangular or elliptical cross-section to prevent it from rolling away. Carpenter pencils are known to be easy to grip and have become standard pencils because they have a larger surface area.

A carpenter pencil was ideal for Vincent van Gogh and his drawing style as he liked to press hard on paper when using a pencil. He would often draw on wet paper.

Van Gogh’s Use Of Pen And Ink

Van Gogh had an art technique for his pencil and graphic drawings. He had a remarkable gift for pen drawings.

Here are a few things to remember about Vincent Van Gogh’s pen and ink drawings:

  • Used Pencil First And Then Ink And Pen – Vincent van Gogh would first work in pencil, then used ink and pens to review the pencil marks.
  • Some Drawing Without Any Pencils – Some of his drawings were straight pen and ink on dry paper without a pencil.
  • Used The Reed Pen – The Reed Pen was made from local hollow-barreled grass and then sharpened with a pen knife. The use of this Reed Pen changed his way of drawing.

In speaking of his drawing technique, in a letter to his brother Theo, Vincent Van Gogh wrote this:

“Because up to now I’ve been drawing with pencil only, worked up or heightened with the pen, if necessary with a reed pen, which makes broader lines.
That manner of working was implicit in what I’ve been drawing lately, for they were subjects which required a lot of drawing, also drawing in perspective, namely several workshops here in the village, a smithy, a carpenter’s shop and a clog-maker.”

Vincent Van Gogh to Theo van Gogh – 18 Dec 1881

From this letter, we learn about Vincent Van Gogh’s uniqueness; he would use a pencil and pen and then a reed pencil for some broader lines.

Van Gogh’s Use Of Brush And Colors

Van Gogh’s palette and paints

One of the unique aspects of Vincent Van Gogh’s art is how he used his brushes to make marks on the canvas. He did this in a way that other artists did not.

He also had a great sense of color and used unique color combinations for his time. He was known to love colors such as yellows and blue. In speaking of his painting, he said:

“Painting it was hard graft. There are one and a half large tubes of white in the ground — yet that ground is very dark — in addition red, yellow, brown ochre, black, terra sienna, bistre, and the result is a red-brown that varies from bistre to deep wine-red and to pale, blond reddish…As you see, I’m immersing myself in painting with all my strength — I’m immersing myself in colour — I’ve held back from that until now, and don’t regret it.”

Vincent Van Gogh To Theo – 3 September 1882

Van Gogh’s Inspiration For Prints And Use Of Print

Like many artists during his time, Vincent Van Gogh was fascinated with Japanese woodblock prints. He was known to hang them in his studio and get inspiration from them. In speaking of the influence he received from the Japanese, Vincent Van Gogh said:

“I hope to make some of these croquis after the painted studies for you too; you’ll see that it has a certain Japanese look.”

Vincent Van Gogh To theo – 31 July 1888

We love Vincent Van Gogh; even though he sold very few paintings when he was alive, he is considered one of the greatest artists ever. He deserves his place among the great artists of the world.

Great artists like Vincent van Gogh inspire me. Anita Louise Art is dedicated to art education, great artists, and inspiring others to find and create their art. We love art that uplifts and inspires. #ArtToMakeYouSmile! #ArtToMakeYouHappy!

Anita Louise Art is dedicated to art education, great artists, and inspiring others to find and create their art. We love art that uplifts and inspires. #ArtToMakeYouSmile! #ArtToMakeYouHappy!

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