Clyfford Still Museum In Denver, All About

Clyfford Still Museum In Denver, All About

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We cannot discuss Clyfford Still and his artwork without mentioning the Clifford Still Museum in Denver, Colorado. This museum is dedicated to Clyfford Still and his artwork.

The best place in the world to see and get inspired by Clyfford Stills and his artwork is the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, Colorado. The museum has the bulk of the Abstract Expressionism artist’s works of art housed at their museum. The museum only shows and displays works of art by Clyfford Still.

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The Clyfford Still Museum – A Unique Museum Experience In Denver

The Clyfford Still Museum is an award-winning museum located in Denver, Colorado. The museum is dedicated to the life and art of the great American Abstract Expressionism artist Clyfford Still.

Inside The Clyfford Still Museum (Photo Credit To Allied Works)

Clyfford Still was unwilling to compromise his art for money, fame, or recognition. He wanted people to see his work and get lost in his work while drawing their conclusions and interpretations.

He also believes his art should be shown as a artistic symphony. He wanted the viewer to be able to immerse themselves in his work.

Because of his wish that his work not be sold but instead stay together, the Clyfford Still Museum came about. Clyfford Still felt his work needed to stay together as it told his artistic story and history.

About The Clyfford Still Museum

When Clyfford Still died in 1980, in his will, he wrote the following about this artwork:

“I give and bequeath all the remaining works of art executed by me in my collection to an American city that will agree to build or assign and maintain permanent quarters exclusively for these works of art and assure their physical survival with the explicit requirement that none of these works of art will be sold, given, or exchanged but are to be retained in the place described above exclusively assigned to them in perpetuity for exhibition and study.”

Clyfford Still – Last Will

For almost 20 years, his work was not shown to anyone but was stored at his studio in Maryland, away from the public eye. He left behind about 2,400 works of art, plus books, tapes, and other things.

His wife Patti started to find cities that may be interested in a Clyfford Still Museum. About 20 cities were interested, but eventually, in 2004, before she died in 2005, she settled on Denver, Colorado, as the location for the Clyfford Still Museum.

Inside The Clyfford Still Museum (Photo Credit To Eventective)

The museum was given about 824 paintings on canvas and 1575 works on paper, such as drawings and other limited edition fine art prints. The museum also houses Still’s sketchbooks, journals, notebooks, his art library, and other archival material.

If you want to see and experience the Clyfford Still paintings in one place, this is the place and museum to visit.

In 2011, the Maryland Court did say that four of Clyfford Stills’s artworks could be sold, and the money could be used for the museum. The sale of these four paintings totaled $114 million.

Before this 2011 sale, only 11 Clyfford Still paintings had gone up for auction.

What To Expect At The Clyfford Still Museum

At the Clyfford Still museum, you can expect to be immersed in Clyfford Still’s works and life. The museum allows visitors to get to know this extraordinary American artist.

Inside The Clyfford Still Museum (Photo Credit To Eventective)

As an artist, visiting the museum will give you a first-hand experience of a fantastic artist who deserves recognition from a museum.

Here are a few things about the museum:

  • Nine Beautiful Galleries – Nine beautiful galleries are filled with Clyfford Still’s art.
  • Learn About Conservation – Learn about painting conservation in the conservation area of the museum.
  • Hands-On Art – Make your masterpiece at the hands-on art creation studio for all ages.
  • Relax In Outdoor Terraces And Gardens – You can relax and enjoy outdoor terraces, gardens, performances, and concerts.
  • Listen To Educational Talks — The museum has educational talks from well-known experts.
  • Watch Films – The museum offers some great thought-provoking films.

The museum is a celebration of Clyfford Still, his art, his legacy, and his love for the education of the arts. It is where you can go as an individual, family, or group. It is not just a museum but also a place for the community to join and come together.

Clyfford Still Museum – Admission, Locations, And Hours

The museum is quite reasonable to visit. The general admission ticket for adults is $10.00. There are discounts for seniors and college students. Active or retired military and children under age 17 are free.

The museum is usually open during the following times:

  • Monday to Tuesday – Closed.
  • Wednesday to Sunday – 10 am to 5 pm.

Sometimes the museum will be closed due to their changing or installing new exhibitions. So before you go there, it is best to check their website to ensure they are not closed. You can find out more about Clyfford Still Museum by clicking here.

Clyfford Still Museum Shop

The Clyfford Still Museum also has a lovely gift shop. You can find in there a host of curated products that reflect the museum’s mission and focus.

Clyfford Still Museum Shop (Photo Credit To Clyfford Still Museum)

They also offer some of their products online; you can find out more by clicking here.

We love Clyfford Still’s artwork, and the best place in the world to get a feel for him as an artist and creator and see his works of art is at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver. You can find out more about the museum by visiting their website by clicking here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Clyfford Still Museum?

The Clyfford Still Museum is a dedicated institution in Denver, Colorado, exclusively showcasing the works of Abstract Expressionist artist Clyfford Still. It serves as a comprehensive collection of his paintings and archives.

Who is Clyfford Still?

Clyfford Still (1904-1980) was an influential Abstract Expressionist painter known for his monumental and abstract works. The museum is focused solely on preserving and exhibiting his artistic legacy.

Why is the Clyfford Still Museum significant?

The museum is significant because it houses the majority of Clyfford Still’s works, providing a unique and concentrated experience of his artistic evolution. It offers insight into the life and creative process of the artist.

What can visitors expect to see at the Clyfford Still Museum?

Visitors can expect to see a comprehensive collection of Clyfford Still’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures, showcasing the artist’s development and contribution to Abstract Expressionism. The museum also features rotating exhibitions and educational programs.

Is the Clyfford Still Museum the only place to see his artwork?

Yes, the Clyfford Still Museum is the primary and most extensive repository of Clyfford Still’s works. It was specifically established to house and exhibit his art, offering a concentrated experience for enthusiasts and scholars.

How did the Clyfford Still Museum come into existence?

The museum was established as a result of Clyfford Still’s will, which specified that his entire estate be given to an American city willing to establish a museum dedicated solely to his works. Denver accepted the responsibility, and the museum opened in 2011.

Are there educational programs at the Clyfford Still Museum?

Yes, the museum offers a variety of educational programs, including lectures, workshops, and guided tours. These programs aim to enhance visitors’ understanding of Clyfford Still’s art and the broader context of Abstract Expressionism.

Is photography allowed inside the museum?

Photography is generally allowed in the galleries, but visitors are encouraged to check with museum staff for any specific restrictions or guidelines. Flash photography is typically prohibited to preserve the artworks.

How often does the museum rotate its exhibitions?

The Clyfford Still Museum regularly rotates its exhibitions to offer visitors a dynamic experience. The changing displays may focus on different periods of Still’s career or explore thematic connections within his body of work.

Can I purchase Clyfford Still’s artwork at the museum?

The museum itself does not sell artwork. However, visitors interested in purchasing Clyfford Still’s works are advised to contact galleries, auction houses, or authorized dealers specializing in his art. The museum primarily serves as a space for appreciation, education, and preservation of the artist’s legacy.

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