Why Vincent Van Gogh Is Such A Famous Painter

Why Vincent Van Gogh Is Such A Famous Painter

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Vincent van Gogh did not start to become a painter until he was 27 years old. In fact, before this time, there was no notice that he would become the great painter known today.

Vincent van Gogh is considered one of the greatest painters who ever lived. He is one of the most famous painters that most people know about today. He is well known for his vivid use of colors and emotion within his paintings. But more than that, he had a unique style that resonated with many for hundreds of years.

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Why Vincent Van Gogh Is Such A Famous Painter

Self-Portrait (1887) By Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh is considered one of the most influential artists ever. But he did not find his life’s direction until he was 27. Before this time, he tried different jobs, from an art dealer to a schoolmaster to a preacher.

Van Gogh did not start early in life to become a painter. He started must much later than many other painters during this time. But yet, he is still considered to be one of the greatest artists who ever lived.

The Starry Night Painting, an 1889 Painting By Vincent van Gogh

This is because of his unique style and how he used colors and handled his subject matter. He was an artist who painted what he saw and how he saw it, not what the trends dictated. This is what helps make him such a great painter.

Reasons Why Van Gogh Is Such A Great Painter

There are many reasons why Van Gogh is such a great painter. He is one of my favorite painters; the more I learn about him and study his artwork, the more I love and appreciate art.

Here are some of the reasons why Van Gogh is such a great painter:

  • Van Gogh’s work has been praised for its bold, vivid colors and uncompromising style.
  • He was a master at capturing emotion in his paintings, depicting joy and sorrow equally.
  • He mainly worked with oil paints but also explored new methods such as watercolors and etching.
  • His paintings often feature themes of nature, with simple yet powerful images of wheat fields, sunsets, and other rural scenes.
  • Van Gogh also used his work to express religious ideas, exploring the complexities of faith and spirituality.
  • He was a prolific artist whose art portfolio included sketches, drawings, prints, and iconic paintings.
  • Van Gogh has inspired generations of art students and other famous artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Paul Cezanne, who paid him homage through their works.
  • Vincent Van Gogh did not paint to earn money but with genuine passion and feeling of the art.

Looking at all these reasons, we can see why Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most beloved painters in history. He created timeless masterpieces that still resonate with people today.

Almond Blossoms, (1888-1890) Painting by Vincent van Gogh

Everything from Van Gogh’s bold colors to the more profound messages of his work, Van Gogh’s legacy is a legacy that continues to live on from generation to generation. His artistic influence will continue to be felt for many years to come.

There are few painters out there with the influence and power that Vincent van Gogh continues to have today.

How Vincent Van Gogh Became A Famous Painter

Vincent van Gogh did not start as a great artist. He has only known to have sold two paintings during his lifetime. Most people would consider during his time would have considered him a failure as an artist.

Theo Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh died in 1890. His beloved brother Theo died six months later. It was Theo’s widow, Jo Bonger-Van Gogh, and his nephew, Vincent Willem van Gogh, that would help ensure that Van’s legacy lived on.

Johanna van Gogh – Bonger

Jo Bonger Van Gogh spent years strategically selling Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings to the right people and ensuring they had a place in history. You can read more about his story by reading our blog,

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His nephew Vincent Willem Van Gogh also worked with the Dutch government to ensure the legacy continued through the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Holland.

We owe them for their insight and wisdom in protecting Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork legacy so we can enjoy it today.

Young Vincent Could Not Decide What To Do For A Profession

Vincent van Gogh spent quite a long time wandering from profession to profession. This must have been something that worried his parents as they were hoping he would go into theology and become a preacher.

They sent him to Amsterdam to live with his uncle to prepare him for the theology entrance exam. But Vincent lacked the discipline and desire to study to become a preacher.

Instead of taking his preacher exams, Van Gogh prefers to wander around the city and take long walks in the countryside. It became so apparent to his uncle and others that theology and preaching were not the professions for him that his uncle advised him to forget about his studies and find something else to do.

Theo Encourages Vincent To Become An Artist

Vincent Van Gogh and His Younger Brother Theo

Vincent and his younger brother Theo would often write letters to each other. Vincent often included sketches of what he had seen to his brother during these letters. Theo would also send some sketches to him.

But Theo advised Vincent to concentrate more on his drawing and art. Vincent also became convinced that he could serve God as an artist. On October 1880, he began to work on his drawing technique and came in contact with other artists.

He no longer had a paid job or any money, so his younger brother Theo helped support him and sent him money.

His younger brother Theo supported Vincent throughout the years, giving him money and encouragement to help him continue painting and doing his artwork. It was to Theo that we owe a great deal of gratitude for him, seeing the greatness of his older brother Vincent and his exceptional artwork.

I love the story of Vincent van Gogh as it shows that there can be greatness in every one of us. We are never too late or old to find our creative talent and ability. The story of Vincent van Gogh helps to teach us that there’s a greatness of art within us all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Vincent van Gogh such a famous painter?

Vincent van Gogh’s fame is attributed to his unique style, emotional depth, and vivid use of colors in his paintings, making him stand out among other artists.

When did Vincent van Gogh start painting, and why did he become famous only later in life?

Van Gogh began his painting career at 27. His late recognition is partly due to the fact that his artistic brilliance became widely acknowledged posthumously.

What is distinctive about Vincent van Gogh’s painting style?

Van Gogh’s style is characterized by bold and expressive brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and a deep emotional intensity that resonates with viewers.

Which paintings by Vincent van Gogh are particularly famous and iconic?

Some of his most renowned works include “Starry Night,” “Sunflowers,” and “The Starry Night.”

How did Vincent van Gogh’s emotional struggles influence his art?

Van Gogh’s mental health challenges played a significant role in his art, infusing his paintings with intense emotions and a unique perspective on the world.

Why is Vincent van Gogh considered one of the greatest painters in history?

His impact on art history stems from his innovative techniques, emotional depth, and the enduring popularity of his works that have influenced generations of artists.

Did Vincent van Gogh receive recognition during his lifetime?

No, van Gogh did not receive widespread recognition during his lifetime. His genius was appreciated posthumously, and he is now considered a post-impressionist master.

How did Vincent van Gogh’s use of color contribute to his fame?

Van Gogh’s bold and unconventional use of color, such as the vivid yellows and blues in his works, set him apart from his contemporaries and left a lasting impression on art history.

What impact did Vincent van Gogh’s paintings have on the art world and future artists?

Van Gogh’s work had a profound influence on subsequent art movements, inspiring artists to explore new forms of expression and pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic norms.

How Did Vincent van Gogh’s Paintings Become Famous?

Vincent van Gogh’s painting became famous because his sister-in-law took her upon herself after his death and the death of her husband, Theo, to find a way to get his paintings and names out to the world. She was brilliant and savvy in how she did this. By the time she died in 1925, Vicent van Gogh was world-renowned.

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Why Is Van Gogh Considered Such a Great Artist?

Many things make Vincent Van Gogh unique and great as an artist. He had a great way to use color in his heart, but more than that, he was an artist who set and paved the way, and his brushstroke technique used color and his design ability. What is interesting is that he did this as a self-taught artist.

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How Much Is Van Gogh’s Starry Night Worth?

Van Gogh used color, form, and emotions in his art. He had a bright palette that was individualized for his time. Even though he did not see a lot of success during his life after he died, the impact of his art can be seen in both the Expressionism and Fauvism movements that were taking place in Europe.

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