Is The Scream Based On A Screaming Van Gogh?

When many people see The Scream by Edvard Munch, they want to know if the painting is based on the life and anxiety that Vincent Van Gogh experienced.

There is no evidence that Edvard Munch painted The Scream about Vincent Van Gogh’s life and anxiety. In fact, when the famous painting was completed in 1893, he probably did not know much about Vincent Van Gogh. The Scream is based on Edvard Munch’s experience of experiencing a sunset near the water in Olso, Norway.

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The Scream By Edvard Munch And Vincent Van Gogh’s Life

There has been much speculation in the art world. If Edvard Munch, the screen was based upon the anxiety and alienation that Vincent van Gogh felt near the end of his life. There is no doubt that Vincent Van Gogh felt a lot of anxiety and alienation, but there’s no evidence that Edvard Munch faced his famous painting, The Scream, to Vincent van Gogh.

The Scream, (1893) Painting By Edvard Munch

Here are some reasons why we feel this is the case:

  • The Scream (1893) – Edvard Munch completed The Scream in 1893. At that time, Vincent Van Gogh was not as well-known or famous as he is today. They had never met in person, and it was not until later in his life that Edvard Munch learned about Vincent Van Gogh and his artwork.
  • Edvard Munch Lived In Norway – Edvard Munch was from Norway, so it is unlikely that he would have known much about Vincent Van Gogh in 1893 as he Van Gogh lived in France and was Dutch, especially in 1893, but we do know that he took some inspiration from painters like Van Gogh and Gauguin. It was in 1905 that Vincent’s artwork was shown to the larger public at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam; at this exhibition, 450 of his artworks were shown.
  • Relates To Other Pictures The Scream rates to other pictures of the same period painted by Munch and some of his contemporaries.
  • Norwegian Art – The theme of figures staring pensively in the distance was a theme that many Norwegian artists took on as subjects.
  • The Scream Is Influenced By SymbolismThe Scream is influenced by symbolism, a movement to represent absolute truths symbolically.

We know that during this time, artists like Vincent Van Gogh opened up the way for artists to show emotions and Edvard Munch in The Scream.

Munich’s 1893 Crayon drawing is from when Edvard Munch was walking near an Olso Norwegian ford at sunset. As the sun went down, Munch said he was ceased upon feeling like the air was blood and was piercing his soul.

What is interesting in this painting is that other walkers are standing insensitively on the boardwalk, but only the artist Munch is affected by this scene and is screaming.

It was from this experience Munch felt this enormous painful Scream inside him; it was this experience that caused him to create the now-famous Munich’s 1893 Crayo.

Similarities Between Edvard Munch And Vincent Van Gogh

Edvard Munch was born in Norway but painted in France; he was 10 years younger than Van Gogh, but they started their art career at about the same time in 1880. Edvard Munch did live much longer than Van Gogh; he died in 1944 at 80.

Edvard Munch is considered to be an Expressionism and Symbollish artist. Vincent Van Gogh is a Post Impressionism Artist.

Even though Munich and Van Gogh never met in person, many feel that if they had met the Munch, they would have been a much better companion for Van Gogh than Paul Gauguin. The two artists had a lot of similarities.

Here are some of their similarities:

  • Naturalist painters were influenced by naturalist painters in their native countries who used subdued colors.
  • Personal Style – Each soon broke away from the traditional art and had unique styles and personal touches to their paintings.
  • Hostility Towards Work – They both suffered hostility towards their work; people did not understand the type of art they were producing.
  • Experimented With New Styles – Van Gogh and Munch were eager to experiment with many new artistic styles. They produced unique work.
  • Radical Modernization Of Art – Van Gogh and Munich’s artistic mission was to modernize art radically. Their art was not conventional for the art produced during their lifetime.
  • Emotional Art – They both devote a lot of their artistic artistry to some of the hard elusive, yet beautiful, intense emotions of human existence. Things such as birth and death, fear, human suffering, hope and love.
  • Strong Emotions – With their art also comes some strong emotions. They both showed human emotions in their artwork, showing the human existence of love, fear, spirituality, and even death.
  • Profoundly Human – Van Gogh and Munch produced profoundly human art. The work is very complex but, at the same time, shows human existence.
  • Emphasized Use Of Paints And Colors – They used colors and usually bold colors, to get their artistic subject matter across.

Edvard Munch and Vincent Van Gogh did have many similarities in how they executed their works of art. They are both very important artists that have influenced other artists.

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