Red Flowers Paint

The Red Flowers, By Anita Louise Hummel

The Red Flowers by Anita Louise Hummel is a painting that was inspired by bright red flowers. I initially saw these flowers on a rain jacket that a designer was wearing while walking down the runway in New York City’s famous fashion week. I fell in love with the colors and look of the flowers, so I decided to paint them.

The Red Flowers, by Anita Louise Hummel, is inspired by bright red flowers. The flowers are painted to be oversized and to give the feeling of being larger than life. Various red tones are used in the painting, along with some gold leafing in the center of the flowers.

The Inspiration – The Red Flowers, By Anita Louise Hummel

The inspiration for this painting was when I saw a photo of a fashion model walking down the runway during New York City’s fashion week. This model was wearing a fabulous red-flowered rain jacket. When I saw the flower design, I fell in love with it and knew right then that I would have to find a way to paint it.

Flowers by themselves are magical, but there is something incredibly magical about a bright red flower. As the author Julia Otsuka wrote about red flowers:

“But we never stopped believing that somewhere out there, in some stranger’s backyard, our mother’s rosebush was blossoming madly, wildly, pressing one perfect red flower after another out into the late afternoon light.”

Julie Otsuka

The red flowers, growing magically in someone’s backyard, inspired me to paint this oil painting called The Red Flowers.

About The Painting – The Red Flowers, By Anita Louise Hummel

The Red Flowers are an oil painting that was painted on canvas. There are also some gold leafing and other details in the painting.

Here are some aspects of the painting, The Red Flowers, by Anita Louise Hummel:

  • Red Color – The main color of the painting is red. I choose a primary color of red and used some white paint on top of the red for some shadowing effects. This is why you will see an array of reds, to red orange tones to white.
  • White background – The painting is red but also the background of the painting is an slight off white background. I used some other colors as greys and other tones to give the background a muted feel. I did not want the background to be bright white but to be slightly muted in color.
  • Green – The green tones I used are a bit brighter as I felt the green tones should have some brightness while at the same time being a bit muted.
  • Gold Leaf – I love gold leaf and I use gold leaf alot in my painting. I wanted to add some gold leaf to this painting and place it on the middle part of the flowers. You can see that the gold leaf part is not solid gold leaf, but has touches of gold leaf.

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