9 Ways To Promote Your Artwork

How Do I Get My Artwork Noticed? 9 Ways To Promote Your Artwork

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Learning to promote yourself and get your artwork noticed can be challenging. For many artists, this is the hardest part of the art business.

You can promote your artwork and get your artwork noticed by looking at 9 key ideas such as 1) build a strong art portfolio, 2)build a website to show your art, 3) use social media to promote yourself, 4) write a blog, 5) find a gallery to sell your work, 6) show at an art fair, 7) make youtube videos, 8) get active in your community and 9) learn to network. All of these ideas are ways you can promote yourself as an artist.

Strategies for Gaining Recognition for Your Art – 9 Ways To Promote Your Artwork

In the vibrant and competitive world of art, making your work stand out and capture attention can be a challenging endeavor. This guide is designed to help artists navigate the intricate landscape of promoting their artwork.

We will explore effective strategies and practical tips to enhance visibility, engage audiences, and establish a distinguished presence in the art community. Whether you’re a budding artist or looking to expand your existing audience, these insights will provide valuable guidance on getting your artwork the recognition it deserves.

1 – Build A Strong Art Portfolio

Developing a strong artist portfolio should be the goal of every artist. A strong portfolio will be the key to helping you to promote yourself as an artist and your artwork. When you are developing your portfolio, you should look at how you will develop your art brand and package your art.

Your Portfolio will make it easier for you to submit your artwork to art competitions, post new art on your website, and develop marketing materials for your art. This is why a portfolio is essential for every artist.

Some things you should consider for your art portfolio:

  • Great Photography – Great photography of your artwork is essential for your portfolio. This is why you must have excellent visual, photographic content.
  • Have Art Titles – Make sure you title your artwork. The titles should be captivating; the right titles can help sell the artwork. You can also have descriptions to explain the artwork or why you produced it the way you did. These are things to help you market yourself and your artwork.
  • Make it User Friendly – Make sure that your portfolio is also very user-friendly. Organize your artwork into categories. For example, if you paint some abstracts and some landscapes, you can divide the abstracts and landscapes. This way, if someone is only interested in your abstracts, it will be easy for them to view and find your work. Most people are very busy or have limited time, so the easier you make it for them to view your artwork, the better chance you have that they will look at your portfolio.

2 – Build A Website To Show Your Art

A website is no longer an option; it is necessary to do business in today’s world. This is why every artist should have a website to show their artwork.

Some of the main reasons why we love having a website

  • Is An Art Portfolio – A website is a great way to have an art portfolio. You can show all of your artwork and show people what you do and why you do it.
  • Explains Your Art – A website is a great platform for you to explain your art. This is especially extremely useful if you have art that could sometimes be misunderstood.
  • Give Your Bio – A website allows you to be able to have a bio. You can tell people about your education, where you studied, shows you’ve attended, any awards you have, etc. The website gives you a great chance to tell your audience about who you are as an artist.
  • Can Sell Your Art – Many artist websites are not just about the artist or the artwork; the artist also uses the website to sell their art. This is a great way for an artist to reach out to an audience they would not normally be able to reach.

One of the great things about having a website is that it’s a great marketing tool. If you have someone interested in your art, you can refer them to your website or give them a link to your bio page to learn more about you. One of the best things about this is you have complete control over what you put or do not put up on your website.

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3 – Social Media

Whether you love or hate social media, today’s social media isn’t essential for anyone looking to market themselves. As a web page is on social media today, this is almost essential for any marketing.

There are some social media platforms that we feel are a bit better for an artist than others. Our two favorite platforms for artists are Pinterest and Instagram. The reason why is both of these social media sites are very visual, and as art is a visual medium, they tend to do well on these kinds of sites.

You can discover more by reading our blog 6 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Use Pinterest by clicking here.

4 – Write a Blog

Blogging is still an important aspect of any marketing. Blogging is important because, generally speaking, a good blog can help your website search website gain an audience. Also, a good blog can help you with your social media.

I also know from personal experience that writing a blog does take a lot of time. And it is one of those things that the more you do, the better you become at it, but it can take a while for you to understand everything about blogging fully.

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If you are serious about starting a blog on your website, we recommend looking for a program such as incomeschool.com. We have been a member of income school now for a few years, and they give some excellent advice about writing a blog and other aspects of blogging. You can find out more about them by clicking here.

Art galleries and artists have had a partnership for hundreds of years. Are used to be this was a male way for an artist to sell their artwork. Today this is, of course, changed, especially as the Internet has come about. But selling your art in an art gallery can still be a great way for an artist to make a living and promote themselves through their art.

Art galleries and artists have had a partnership for hundreds of years. Are used to be this was the main way for artists to be able to sell their artwork. Today this is, of course, changed, especially as the Internet has come about. But selling your art in an art gallery can still be a great way for an artist to make a living and promote themselves through their art.

Due to The changes in how people buy art, there are now also many online galleries. You can try to contact galleries like Art Mine to see if they will take you as an artist.

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6 – Show At An Art Fair

Many artists out there make who’s who mainly sell their art through an art fair. Some of them may travel around the world selling their art at art fairs. This is also a viable way to be able to market yourself and to sell your art.

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7 – Create Your Own YouTube Videos

Some artists are doing YouTube videos, which help them to promote their artwork while at the same time earning some extra income through the videos. If you have the scale and have the ability to want to do this, this could be a great way for you to be able to get your name out there as an artist and also to be able to show something about your art to a wider audience.

Like blogging the webpage and social media, it will take time to build up an audience and any of these mediums. Especially today, when there are so much competition and all of these areas, he will need to have something that someone else does not have.

8 – Get Active In Your Community

Many communities love to support their local artist. This is true for local community fairs or even local shops looking for a local artist whose work they can feature and sell. It also may be much easier for you to get a newspaper article or some free promotion through your local community than through the national level. As an artist, do not discount your local community; they could end up being your best customers.

9 – Learn to Network

A hard thing for many artists is networking. Many artists feel that their artwork should speak for itself, and they should not need to network to sell their artwork. But the truth is that art is just like any other business, and you also need to build your network with your art.

Ways you can network to help your art:

  • Join Art Competitions – You can join some art competitions. Even if you do not win the competition, you can meet some people along the way you may be able to network with in the future.
  • Join Online Platforms – Today, so much is being done online that you can also join some online platforms.
  • Collaborate With Other Artists – One of the keys today and business life is collaboration, and art is no exception. Find other artists to collaborate with or find other people to collaborate with on a specific project. This will help you to network and to get your name out there.

Today there are countless ways for you to be able to promote your artwork. As there are so many avenues to do this, you may need to pick and decide exactly what you will do. In other words, you may not have the time to do everything on this list. So pick the ones that will help you be the most successful artist you can be added to sell your artwork.

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